Effective 9/1/2023, the Big Ten has entered into a new agreement with Enterprise and National (EAN). Ground Transportation Policy changes are upcoming to reflect the changes made to the agreement, however travelers should be aware of the below changes:

  • Enterprise, National and Hertz are now considered equally preferred vendors. Prior to this change, Hertz was considered a “secondary” vendor, only to be used when Enterprise or National was not available at their location.
  • Student Clubs and Organizations have a new vehicle reservation process for Enterprise/National. The link to rent for Student Organizations can be found below.
  • The Enterprise/National Personal Use contract is remains in negotiation and is not yet available for use. The anticipated discount is 5-10% off of retail rates.
  • The Hertz State of Wisconsin Contract can be used for personal use (see personal use contracts page)

A contract comparison is available for review when making your rental car contract decisions. Please reach out to your travel manager with any further questions.


Student Organization Use Enterprise Reservation
Personal Use Contracts
Car Rental Contract Comparison pdf