Group Travel Resources

Group Blocks

Defined as 10 or more tickets with one airline via a special contract, where the travelers are on the same flights round trip and one form of payment is used for all tickets. All the tickets are held at the same price and can be ticketed at a later date. These are serviced by Fox World Travel

Administrative Groups

Establishing an Administrative Group allows a host department to easily manage all department specific travel needs for students, guests or employees.  The process gives the group administrator the option to either securely store a University Purchasing Card on file with Travel Inc for agent reservations or to set up the group for individual bill, where each traveler would provide a personal credit card at the time of booking.

  • No minimum number of travelers
  • All individual ‘live sell’ bookings
  • Can be open ended or have a specific start and end date
  • Administrator can establish rules/parameters
  • Can have a variety of origins and/or destinations

Note: For ease and consistency, the group type formerly known as ‘Group Air’ now fall under the Administrative Group category as the setup and processes are the same.

These are serviced by Travel Incorporated.

  • Each type of group group must have a primary travel coordinator and a backup. The group travel coordinator and backup will be the sole group contacts with the travel agency regarding their group arrangement.
  • Coordinate with your institution’s Purchasing Card Administrator to raise purchasing card transaction limits to cover anticipated group costs well in advance of ticketing deadlines and until transactions are posted.
  • Ensure that a UW authorized purchasing agent signs all letters of agreement or contracts when necessary, and the approved documents are sent to the travel agency in accordance with deadlines provided.

  • In cases where airline reservations must be paid with two or more forms of payment (i.e. split between University and personal card, etc.), the minimum amount to be charged is $25.00.
  • In the case of group block space, split payment is not an option, as all travelers have to be booked using the same form of payment.
  • Due to carrier limitations, split form of payments are not available when purchasing tickets on instant purchase or ticket-less carriers (i.e. Southwest, Frontier) or on some international carriers (i.e. British Air).
  • Many International carriers will not allow split payment
  • By setting up a default charge card payment method, Fox World Travel is authorized by the University to charge any additional costs beyond the original airline ticket to the default card unless the group travel coordinator makes alternative payment arrangements at the time of original ticket issuance.
  • In the cases where an air carrier requires payment by check, the group travel coordinator will be advised by Fox World Travel. The group travel coordinator will have the option of sending a university issued check, paying by ACH fund transfer or using a charge card. All check payments must be received by Fox World Travel by the given due date to guarantee your space.
  • Note: A 3% convenience fee will apply for all payments requiring a check, but made via charge card. The convenience fee covers the costs that Fox incurs to issue a check on the University’s behalf.