Adding Personal Travel to your Business Trip

After discussing with your supervisor, you may opt to add personal travel days on the beginning or end of your business trip. The University will only pay for costs associated with university sponsored travel.


Air cost comparisons must be obtained to ensure that the University is paying for the business trip dates only.  A cost comparison must be provided to show the cost of the lowest appropriate airfare for the business travel dates only, and another with the added personal dates. The lower of the two comparisons will be paid or reimbursed by the University. These comparisons must be added to your expense report for final verification.

Valid Cost Comparisons  Concur screenshots, or designated travel agency documentation (such as emailed quotes) must be used for cost comparisons.  Because of airfare pricing and availability fluctuation, accurate cost comparisons must be done immediately and succession to be valid. Flights should be booked immediately after quotes are obtained in order to be considered accurate.


If using the Enterprise contract for a trip that combines personal and business travel, the business travel contract may be used. Only the days that correspond with business travel may be expensed. Please include an explanation in your expense report that describes why the amount on the invoice varies from the amount claimed. Enterprise typically cannot split the invoice into two trips.


If using a rate that is designed for business use only, rooms associated with personal travel must be booked separately.

Companion Travel

For employee travel companions (spouse, partner, friend, etc.):

Use of Concur is reserved for UW employee use only. Airfare and other discounts, fee waivers and other contract benefits cannot be extended to those that are not traveling on University paid business. Additionally, the University will not pay or reimburse any additional costs associated with taking a travel companion along on a University business trip.

To Book a Companion Ticket:
  • Employees should contact a contracted agent and book both tickets with the agent.