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  1. Exceptional meteorite, plowed up from a Dane County field, finds new home in UW-Madison Geology Museum

    Photo of Farmers Jan Shepel (at near left) and Jim Koch (in wheelchair) flanking a 110-pound iron meteorite sitting on their family dining table at their home and Vienna EqHo Farm in the Town of Vienna, Wis. Included in the background, from left to right, are Shepel’s sister, Laurie Shepel; Carrie Eaton, curator of the UW Geology Museum; science writer Will Cushman; Noriko Kita, a distinguished scientist and meteorite expert from UW–Madison; and UW Geology Museum Director Rich Slaughter. At near right is Joe Zanter, a metallurgical engineer and Laurie Shepel’s husband. Photo: Jeff Miller

    VIENNA, Wis. — It was a balmy spring day in May 2009 when Jim Koch’s plow kicked up an unusually hefty rock. Koch was prepping a field for alfalfa on his farm in the Town of Vienna just a short […]

  2. UW-Green Bay: Embracing Community Outreach

    Photo of Brooke Lemke, a Parent Educator/Community Outreach Coordinator with the Sheboygan County Family Resource Center who recently earned a certificate in Pediatric Mental Health through the UW-Green Bay Division of Community Engagement and Workforce Training.

    Brooke Lemke is a Parent Educator/Community Outreach Coordinator with the Sheboygan County Family Resource Center (FRC) and recently earned a certificate in Pediatric Mental Health. Brooke has embraced the community outreach requirement of the certificate and has so far given […]

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  1. UW-Eau Claire recognized for its wellness program

    Photo of UW-Eau Claire campus

    University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire students, faculty and staff are moving toward better health thanks to a globally recognized wellness program collaboration between the university and Mayo Clinic Health System. UW-Eau Claire is among 145 universities and colleges around the world honored by Exercise is Medicine, earning a silver-level designation in the community-impact initiative of the […]

  2. Bridging cultures: UW-La Crosse employees serve as host families for visiting Japanese students

    Photo of fourteen students from the University of Teacher Education - Fukuoka who traveled to UW-La Crosse to learn about the U.S. education system.

    Each year, approximately 14 students from the University of Teacher Education—Fukuoka (UTEF) in Fukuoka, Japan, travel to UW-La Crosse to immerse themselves in the U.S. education system. When not engaged in activities or visiting K-12 schools, these students live and spend time with host families, a tradition embraced by multiple UWL faculty and staff who […]

  1. Career-building: UW-Stout award from Momentum West honors programs that help youth prepare for their futures

    Photo of Beth Hein, center, executive director of Educational Pathways and Outreach, and Chancellor Katherine Frank accepting UW-Stout’s award from Momentum West’s Steve Jahn. / UW-Stout

    With a 99% employment rate for bachelor’s and master’s degree graduates, UW-Stout is known for developing talent in multiple fields to support the economy of west-central Wisconsin and throughout the state. The university also invests heavily in the talent pipeline before students get to college, with numerous special programs to help youth begin considering in-demand […]

  2. UW-Green Bay empowers the Marinette region with professional training

    Photo collage of professional training

    UW-Green Bay is delivering professional training to the Marinette region. Six workshops are offered on wide-ranging topics from AI to Real Colors® and integrate hard and soft skills. Workshops will be a fit for entrepreneurs and professionals with responsibilities in operations, human resource management or new business development. “Empowering our Marinette region with business and […]

  1. Soon to graduate at 72, UWM student reflects on the life lessons she’s learned

    Photo of nontraditional student JoAnne Potter, who brought a different perspective and energy to her classes at UW-Milwaukee. “One of the great things about having someone with such profound life experience in class is that I can see it inspiring other students to think about the process of aging and becoming a full person,” said one of the teachers, philosophy lecturer Ágúst Magnússon. (UWM Photo/Sarah Vickery)

    JoAnne Potter is 72 years old. That makes her among a very small group of older seniors working on a bachelor’s degree at UWM, and almost certainly the oldest student ever in the Honors College. She’s set to graduate this month with her bachelor’s degree, 55 years after she first began college. Though she’s learning […]

  2. UW-Eau Claire student, firefighter Albert Lin serves the greater good

    Photo of University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire biology student Albert Lin, who graduates May 2024

    University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire biology student Albert Lin did not expect his undergraduate experience to include fighting fires and saving lives. The Evansville native attended UW-Eau Claire with plans to focus primarily on his academics. But he soon learned of a public-service opportunity from a peer in his chemistry course about becoming a firefighter for […]