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What is Concur
First Time Users
Concur Support
Concur Open: Real Time Status of Technical Issues

What is Concur

Concur is an online booking tool that University of Wisconsin System employees can use to book university-sponsored individual air, car or hotel reservations. Our contracted travel agency, Travel Incorporated, licenses Concur for University Travelers to use. Travelers can manage their itinerary, view changes, and research pricing by using Concur. Concur cannot be used for personal travel reservations, unless purchasing business travel combined with personal travel. Cost comparisons must be obtained when booking air travel.


  • Groups of 10 or more travelers (other than athletic groups) should always be booked by a Fox World Travel Agent.
  • Athletic travel (individual and groups) should always be booked by a Short’s Agent.

First Time Users

Step 1: Register

New users will be taken to the registration page after logging in.

Concur User Access Requirements 

  • Registration and direct access to Concur is limited to University employees.
  • Concur Login Field: You must use your official University business email address (example:
  • Employment status, official payroll job title and University email address is verified prior to registration approval.
  • If you are a student (not employed by the University) you cannot have direct access. Contact your home or hosting department for booking and payment options within the University’s travel program.

Step 2: Complete your Profile

Once you have completed the registration process you will receive an acknowledgment email from Concur with further instructions on how to set your password. You will then be directed to the Concur sign-on page to complete the required information of your profile. Travelers are encouraged to complete traveler preferences and frequent flyer or other travel reward programs to receive benefits when making reservations in the tool or with agents. You must save your profile before making your first reservation.


Concur Support

Using Concur

View the Comprehensive 25 Minute Concur Demo on Demand

Overview of Concur Homepage (Video)
Homepage Tip Sheet (PDF)
How to find the lowest fares in Concur

Technical Support

Navigational issues, or other Concur technical questions:

Phone: (877) 811-9898, #3

Additional Support

Contact your institution’s travel manager for additional support questions.


Concur Open

Personalized SAP Concur Open Updates

Personalized up-to-the-minute service availability and performance information

  1. OPI-5771173 : INVALID | INVALID | INVALID : Travel : Root Cause Analysis

    Impact as Reported: In the US2, EU2, and Paris Data Centers, booking reservations using the Sabre GDS service was unavailable. Affected users may have experienced an error, “Sorry, something went wrong” when attempting to book a reservation. Root cause:
 The root cause of the incident has been identified to be a service disruption within our third party GDS vendor partner. Corrective Actions N/A

  1. OPI-5768158 : INVALID : Expense | Travel | Invoice | Request | Imaging | Analysis/Intelligence : Root Cause Analysis

    In the US2 Data Center, logging in through the SAP Concur website and SAP Concur mobile app was below expected level. Affected users may have experienced an error message “Sorry, Concur is currently unavailable.” when attempting to login. The engineering team has determined that a process to deploy load-balanced worker nodes in stages to an internal API gateway service did not allow the newly-deployed nodes to fully come online before accepting traffic, causing these nodes to enter a failed state while serving connections. This resulted in a cascading failure as load shifted within the gateway service, causing core services handling authentication functions to return errors. Service alarms triggered a rollback action, recovering service. Corrective Actions: The gateway service team will implement changes to the node deployment process which will pre-warm the application services running on new instances to ensure they are ready to accept traffic without failure.

  1. OPI-5766325 : INVALID : Expense | Travel | Invoice | Request | Imaging | Analysis/Intelligence : Root Cause Analysis

    In the US2 Data Center, accessing Concur Services through the SAP Concur website and SAP Concur mobile app was below expected level. Affected users may have found tabs were missing or were unavailable after login. The engineering team has determined that the cause of the incident was a code performance issue impacting a core database system which serves as the reference datastore for user profiles. The performance issue was latent (not newly introduced) and triggered by heavy system load. The issue resulted in extremely poor query performance for user profile data within core system services, resulting in application errors after authentication and missing product feature tabs enabled via profile attributes. After determining the issue could not be resolved via online resource tuning and removing blocking application connections, the incident team restarted the database engine, which resulted in recovery. Corrective Actions: -Via log and trace analysis following the incident, the database vendor recommended adjustments to table statistics sampling configuration to optimize query plan performance for the impacted data tables involved in the incident. This change has been implemented and verified. -Three separate code optimizations have been identified for performance improvement based on traces collected during the incident. These will be deployed to the system once fully tested and validated. -Additional database vendor-supplied diagnostics have been deployed to the environment to assist database. administrators in further data collection for analysis. -The operational playbook for recovery of this core database system is under review based on learnings from this incident and will be updated to optimize system recovery time.