On July 1, 2024,  travel bookings managed by our required contracted vendor, Travel Incorporated, will be transitioned to Fox World Travel. This is a result of leadership’s review and decision, based on feedback from travelers, arrangers, and administrators. View the more information on the agency transition webpage


Fee Type  Fox Fees prior switch to Travel Inc in 2020  Current – Travel Inc  Future – Fox World Travel 
Online (Concur) Domestic  $8.25   $3.75   $6.00  
Online (Concur) International  $18.25   $3.75   $6.00  
Online car/hotel only  $4.00   $0.00   $0.00  
Cancellation of online booking by agent  $10.00   $0.00   $0.00  
Agent Touch Fee  $10.00   $0.00   $0.00  
Agent Domestic   $25.00   $18.00   $31.50  
Agent Group Domestic  $30.00   $18.00   $31.50  
Agent International  $32.00   $18.00   $41.50  
Agent Group International  $37.00   $18.00   $41.50  
After-Hours (7:30pm-7am CT, weekends, holidays)  $15.00   $18.00   $20.00  
Custom Booking Solution (CBS) Set-up (former Admin. Group)  $0.00   $0.00   $120.00  


UW Overall (Systemwide) Transaction Type (2023) % of Transactions 
Online (Concur)  60.5% 
Agent Domestic  29% 
Agent International  10.4% 

Group Booking Fees

Fee and Service Definition


Group Block Air Ticket Transaction


Group Air sourcing and pre-ticketing*



Each domestic airline ticket issued or exchanged.



Each international airline ticket issued or exchanged.


Non-Air Sourcing Fee


Nonrefundable sourcing fee paid when sourcing is requested.  


Employee Travel Services Unused Ticket Exchanges


Each domestic airline ticket issued or exchanged directly with an agent.



Each international airline ticket issued or exchanged directly with an agent.



Fox Emergency Service per call surcharge.

Hours: 7:30pm – 7:00am CST, holidays and weekends.



Per void, refund or cancellation.


*Paid as a fee each time sourcing is requested. If group is ticketed, sourcing fee can either be applied against ticketing fees or refunded. If group is not ticketed, the sourcing fee is nonrefundable. 

Airline sourcing quotes expire at varying times (based on carrier policy), typically between 30-45 days from the initial quote.  If quote expires prior to confirming group and a new sourcing is requested, an additional $205 sourcing fee will be charged.