NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 Outbreak, campuses have restrictions on booking. Please check and select your institution, or with your campus travel manager for current restrictions. 


How a user books their travel depends on the traveler booking. The different types of travel are defined below.

Individual Travel

Most travel falls under the individual travel category. This is defined as anywhere from 1 traveler to up to 10 travelers. Option to book include :

  • Online booking within Concur
  • With a designated agent
  • Directly with lodging facility for hotel reservations


Concur is an online booking tool used to booking individual business travel. Users can book either for themselves, a guest of the University, or on behalf of another University employee if they have been designated as an arranger for that employee within Concur.

Group Travel

Travel is booked through a designated agent. Group travel is typically defined as 10 more travelers. Group travel arrangements differ from individual reservations in the way they are reserved/purchased and how they are paid for.  Group travel arrangements typically fit one or more of the following criteria:

  • 10 or more travelers, traveling from a variety of origins and/or destinations.
  • Have 10 or more individuals traveling to the same location – including air, lodging, ground transportation
  • Need to use a single University charge card for multiple travelers (inbound or outbound) for ongoing use by the department.
  • Have been issued a University code by a UW department to use for reservations and payment