Arranging Guest Travel

Guest travel is defined as any non-employee travelling on behalf of the University. This includes students, consultants, contractors or speakers. All university travel policies that apply for individual travel also apply for guest travel.

How to book guest travel:

  1. Book for a guest in Concur
    1. All profiled Concur users have access to book for a guest in Concur.
  2. If you have multiple guests, or will be doing many bookings through the year, consider establishing an administrative group with Travel Incorporated. This allows you to keep a departmental purchasing card on file, and allows the guest to call into the agency to make their own reservations based on the parameters that the administrative group coordinator establishes upon setup.


For information on expensing guest travel, and reimbursing a non-employee through the e-reimbursement module, see below:


How To Setup A Non-Employee Profile In E-Reimbursementf