• Guest travel is defined as any non-employee traveling on behalf of the University such as students, consultants, contractors, candidates or speakers.
  • All university travel policies that apply for individual travel also apply for guest travel.

How to Book Guests Travelers:

  1. Book for a guest in Concur
    • All profiled Concur users have access to book for a guest in Concur. Only use this functionality if booking a non-university guest. In advance, obtain the legal name (must match identification), date of birth and gender from the guest. Employee Travel cannot be booked using this function.
  2. Set up an Administrative Group
    • If you have multiple guests, or will be doing many bookings throughout the year, consider establishing an administrative group with Travel Incorporated. This process allows arrangers to set payment methods in advance, as well as allows the guest the ability to call into the agency to make their own reservations. Administrative Group owners set parameters for travel that guests must abide by.
  3. Contact the designated booking agency with the guest’s booking information to make the arrangements.

How to Pay for Guest Travel

University Payment methods (such as purchasing cards) should be used whenever possible. Below are best practices to make the trip smooth for the guest traveler:

  • Hotels typically require a credit card authorization form to be on file in order for the payment method to be pre-defined. This form is unique to each hotel. Contact the hotel directly and inquire about their procedures for storing a card on file for a reservation.
  • Car Rentals typically require the renter to provide a form of payment in their name at the time of rental.
  • Air bookings are paid at the time of booking. All air bookings are done either through Concur or with the travel agency, and a university payment method must be used.
  • Incidentals incurred by the guest such as meals or mileage can be reimbursed to the traveler after the completion of the trip.

Student Travel

  • Only student employees who have an active university appointment in the HR system are allowed to create a Concur travel profile and book on their own behalf in Concur or with Travel Inc.
  • Students who do not have an active university appointment must work through a university employee to make travel arrangements.
  • On each individual Concur booking the traveler/booker must select if the travel is for an employee, guest or student. If the travel is for a student employee, the selection would be for that specific travel that is being booked. i.e., If that trip’s UW business purpose is related to the student’s university appointment, “employee” would be selected. If that trip is related to a student group, or other purpose related to their student responsibilities not related to employment, “student” would be selected.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Student Organizations typically are not classified as university-sponsored travel, except if the student organization represents the university in an academic matter. Students are advised to review UW policy 616, University of Wisconsin Student Drivers Under the State’s Liability Protection for further information.

Car Rentals

Student Organizations must use the Enterprise Student Org Rental Link when reserving a Enterprise car rental. If renting with Hertz, the University of Wisconsin Hertz agreement may be used.