International Resources

Effective with the Fall Semester 2002, the Board of Regents has mandated that all University of Wisconsin students studying/traveling abroad under a UW sponsored program must enroll in health insurance through an insurance plan offered by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI).

The CISI Brochure and Claim Form 2019-2020pdf are available on-line, as well as through the program office. CISI coverage provides primary health protection up to $500,000, with no deductible, and medical evacuation and repatriation coverage. Consult the brochure for specific coverage details. Departments should include the premium in the program fee, or individuals can enroll directly through the campus risk management office, if not part of a larger program group. In all cases, the premium is due, in full, prior to departure from the US.

This program is also available to faculty and staff who are involved in educational programs abroad. However, employees may be eligible for benefits under Workers Compensation, while in the course of their employment, regardless of the location of the worksite. Individual employees may also have coverage through their own health insurer, and should confirm this with their carrier, before contacting our office. Also, employees in work status while involved in educational pursuits abroad, have medical evacuation and repatriation through the Europ Assistance program.

Enrollment for this program is managed at the campus level. Please consult your institution’s international education office or risk management office for specific instructions.

Utilize the ITA Flight Matrix Software (powered by Google) to get live prices on flights. Flights cannot be booked through this software, and is to be used for comparison purposes. 

Receipt Translation

Receipts and/or other supporting documentation in foreign currency must be converted to U.S. dollars for documentation purposes. Documentation and receipts in foreign language must be translated prior to submitting. Google Translate is the standard for completing this requirement.

Currency Exchange 

Internationally incurred expenses paid and receipted in foreign currency must be submitted for payment or reimbursement in U.S. dollars using the exchange rate in effect on the date of payment. Include documentation indicating what exchange rate was used to make the conversions (i.e. credit card statement, bank receipt etc.). For cash conversions, currency exchange rates can be found at OANDA , the University’s standard application for conversion. When converting cash, choose the +/- 0 (zero) interbank rate for the conversion. If purchases were made via credit card, use the exchange rate provided on the credit card statement.

CDC Health Information for International Travelers

This feed contains a listing of the permanent changes made to the online text of CDC Health Information for International Travel 2020 since its May 2013 hardcopy release.

  1. Updated Yellow Fever Vaccine Information

    Updated the Yellow Fever section to reflect the end of the YF-VAX shortage.

  1. Updated Typhoid & Paratyphoid Fever Section

    Updated Typhoid & Paratyphoid Fever section with an alert box about cases of extensively drug-resistant Salmonella Typhi infection that have been reported in the United States among people without recent international travel.

  1. Updated Lyme disease international testing recommendation

    Updated Lyme Disease section to reflect the new recommendation for serological tests used to diagnose internationally acquired infections.