Effective January 26th: Requirement for Proof of Negative COVID-19 Test Result or Recovery from COVID-19 for All Airline Passengers Arriving into the United States

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International Travel FAQ

Travelers should first check Concur for lodging arrangements. If no suitable options are available, travelers may book with a lodging establishment of their choosing so long as the rate is below the rate maximum for the location. Acceptable lodging includes: hotels, hostels and Airbnb. In-kind lodging is allowable, but no expenses may be submitted for reimbursement if this lodging method is chosen. 

Air travel must be booked with the designated agency. International flights in excess of 8 hours may book Premium Economy seats.

Exception: If the traveler is purchasing the airfare while in travel status, outside of the United States, to a destination other than the United States, the airfare may be purchased directly with the air carrier. Third party sites (such as Expedia) are still non-reimbursable. 

All international faculty/staff travelers are strongly encouraged to register for CISI insurance. Students are required to register for this insurance.  Contact your risk management or international education office for registration instructions. 

Other travel insurances are not required, recommended or reimbursemable. 

Special Considerations for International Travel can be found in the Miscellanous Travel Expenses Policy. Receipts are required regardless of cost.

Reimburseable costs associated with Foreign/International travel:

  • Cost of COVID testing required to return to the United States
    • Include receipt (if available) and proof of test result obtained as documentation. If no receipt is available, follow your institution's guide for missing receipts.
  • Travel visas
  • required inoculations/vaccinations
  • foreign transaction fees incurred on corporate cards
  • business communications, including international calling plans when accompanied by business justification (individual phone calls are part of the M&IE per diem allowance)

CDC Health Information for International Travelers

This feed contains a listing of the permanent changes made to the online text of CDC Health Information for International Travel 2020 since its May 2013 hardcopy release.

  1. Updated Yellow Fever Vaccine Information

  1. Updated Information about Legionnaires’ disease

    Upper temperature of warm water temperatures that amplify Legionnaires’ disease updated from 108° to 113°.

  1. Updated Yellow Fever Vaccine Information

    Updated the Yellow Fever section to reflect the end of the YF-VAX shortage.