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Fall 2023: Welcome Back to Travel

Fall 2023: Welcome Back to Travel, Travel Overview

May 2023: Expense Reporting 101

UW System Travel Open House – Expense Report 101

Spring 2023: How to Travel Effectively

February 21, 2023 Webinar Recording

Fall 2022: Concur Deep Dive

Listen to Fall 2022 Open House: Concur Deep Dive Recording (October 4)

Listen to Fall 2022 Open House: Concur Deep Dive Recording (October 7th)

Travel Services Open House

Hosted by UW System Travel Services, this is a virtual open house to discuss the UW System travel program. Topics covered: return to travel, current state of the travel industry, policy, Concur, TravelWIse website, and open time for Q&A.

Travel Services Open House - April 2022 pdf

Listen to Webinar Recording (May 2022)

Administrative Group Overview

Webinar hosted by Travel Incorporated to discuss and demonstrate the new administrative group process. Intended audience was Administrative Group Leaders, or those who would like to learn more about the Administrative Group process.

Listen to Recorded Webinar

UW Admin Group Training 09.23.2020pptx

Travel Incorporated Overview

These webinars are hosted by Travel Incorporated and serve as an overview of services and support provided by Travel Incorporated effective July 1, 2020. Travel Incorporated is handling all individual travel, or any travel of a group less than 10 where tickets are issued as a “live sell” ticket by the airline.

Listen to Recorded Webinar

Travel Inc Overview Trainingpptx

Fox World Travel Group Block Training

Review of Fox World Travel Group booking (10 or more travelers travelling on the same flight) process.

September 28, 2021 : Listen to Webinar Recording

Fox World Travel-UW Group Block Services Webinar pdf