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  1. OPI-5771173 : INVALID | INVALID | INVALID : Travel : Root Cause Analysis

    Impact as Reported: In the US2, EU2, and Paris Data Centers, booking reservations using the Sabre GDS service was unavailable. Affected users may have experienced an error, “Sorry, something went wrong” when attempting to book a reservation. Root cause:
 The root cause of the incident has been identified to be a service disruption within our third party GDS vendor partner. Corrective Actions N/A

  1. OPI-5768158 : INVALID : Expense | Travel | Invoice | Request | Imaging | Analysis/Intelligence : Root Cause Analysis

    In the US2 Data Center, logging in through the SAP Concur website and SAP Concur mobile app was below expected level. Affected users may have experienced an error message “Sorry, Concur is currently unavailable.” when attempting to login. The engineering team has determined that a process to deploy load-balanced worker nodes in stages to an internal API gateway service did not allow the newly-deployed nodes to fully come online before accepting traffic, causing these nodes to enter a failed state while serving connections. This resulted in a cascading failure as load shifted within the gateway service, causing core services handling authentication functions to return errors. Service alarms triggered a rollback action, recovering service. Corrective Actions: The gateway service team will implement changes to the node deployment process which will pre-warm the application services running on new instances to ensure they are ready to accept traffic without failure.