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  1. OPI-5831191 : US2 : Expense | Travel | Invoice | Request | Imaging | Analysis/Intelligence : Root Cause Analysis

    In the US2 Data Center, logins through the SAP Concur website and SAP Concur mobile app was below expected levels. Affected users may have experienced the following error when attempting to login: "Sorry, Concur is currently unavailable". Root cause: A core database experienced a performance issue that caused users to experience errors when they attempted to login. The incident team restarted the database instance to recover the system. Engineering identified three stored procedures that caused the database to run out of resources resulting in the performance issues. This occurred because one of the procedures will run several queries based on the results returned from the database. When the results returned are very high, it runs too many queries and exhausts the resources. This conflicts with the resources from the other procedures and slows down the system. The engineering team is working to resolve the performance issues with these procedures. Corrective Actions: We identified the following corrective actions for the Engineering team Update one of the procedures to remove usage of a shared resource to use a more performant method Update second procedure to move logic to the application layer Update third procedure to use a more performant method and add an index The following corrective actions were identified by the database vendor to improve performance for shared resources: Increase number of files available for the shared resources Add recommended logging to better track resource contention

  1. OPI-5828971 : US2 | EU2 : Travel : Root Cause Analysis

    Impact as Reported: In the US2 and EU2 Data Centers, travel bookings in the Sabre GDS, through the SAP Concur website and SAP Concur mobile app were below expected level. Affected users may have received an error message "Processing Error Detected” when attempting to book. Root cause: Customers that used Sabre as their GDS experienced an issue when attempting to book travel. We confirmed with Sabre that they had an issue with their service and they resolved the issue. Corrective Actions: We identified the following corrective actions to improve our response time for travel related issues: Review and update alerts on travel web service errors