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  1. OPI-5282176 : US : Expense | Travel | Invoice | Request | Imaging | Analysis/Intelligence | Locate : Intermediate Root Cause Analysis

    In the North America Data Center, logins through the SAP Concur website and SAP Concur mobile app were unavailable. Impacted users may have received an error message ''Sorry something went wrong'' when attempting to log in. Users already logged in were able to use our services. As the Incident Response Team was being assembled, our services automatically self-recovered. The identification of the root cause is still in progress. Corrective measures are pending the identification of the root cause.

  1. OPI-5299650 : US | EMEA | CHINA | PUBLIC_SECTOR : Expense | Travel | Invoice | Request | Imaging | Analysis/Intelligence | Mobile | Locate | Compleat (TMC Services) : Root Cause Analysis

    In the North America, EMEA, China, and Concur Cloud for Public Sector (CCPS) Data Centers, access to all SAP Concur services through the SAP Concur website and SAP Concur mobile app were unavailable. Affected users encountered a page stating “Sorry, Concur is currently unavailable,” when attempting access to the SAP Concur sign-in page. Additionally, users were unable to access the SAP Concur support portal and the Concur Open and Personalized Concur Open web sites. The issue has been confirmed as having been caused by a widespread outage affecting Akamai, a Concur service provider. The change was rolled back by the provider, restoring the service to normal operating levels. Our provider was carrying out a configuration change to a load balancing component in preparation for independent load balancing control of a forthcoming product. The load balancing configuration directive included a formatting error, resulting in the component resetting to default, and load balancing for Enhanced Transport Layer Security (TLS) slots greater than 6145 to not be supported. In turn, the Akamai authoritative Domain Name System (DNS) for the zone did not respond to DNS queries for many Enhanced TLS slots. Additionally, the zoning process safety alerts configuration produced errors that did not propagate to the engineering Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), delaying service recovery. Finally, the input safety check on the load balancing component did not automatically roll back the change upon detecting the error. Corrective measures on the provider's side include: • All further changes to the involved configuration channel have been blocked • Other related channels are being reviewed and may be subject to a similar block as reviews take place. Channels will be unblocked after additional safety measures are assessed and implemented where needed. • The safety checks for the configuration deployment zoning process are being validated and strengthened • Sensitivity and priority of alerting for high rates of server response failure alerts (SERVFAILs) is being increased • Input safety checks for mapping components are being reviewed and improved. • Critical systems are being audited to identify gaps in monitoring and alerting, with a view to close unacceptable gaps.