NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 Outbreak, campuses have restrictions on booking. Please check and select your institution, or with your campus travel manager for current restrictions. For more information, view the UW System COVID-19 Travel FAQs

COVID-19 has also left the University with an unprecedented volume of unused tickets.  Due to our agency transition on July 1, 2020, and airline restrictions for transferring tickets from one vendor to another, a process has been created to help minimize the loss of unused tickets.  Please refer to our unused ticket guide and Agency Transition FAQs for more information.

UW System Travel News

  1. Policy Changes Effective July 1

    Effective July 1, these changes to the existing travel policies have been approved:   Lodging Policy now allows for usage […]

  2. Unused Tickets Memo

    Because UW System is changing travel vendors on July 1, airline industry restrictions would not allow UW System to transfer […]

  1. Register for Travel Agency Transition Open House

    This time is used to provide information on the travel agency transition, an overview of services of each agency, and […]

  2. US Airlines Require Masks for Travel

    For travelers who have been granted approval by their university to travel, please be aware that major carriers Delta, United […]