Policy Highlights

Miscellaneous travel expenses are defined as those costs not considered primary means of transportation, lodging related or included under the University’s meal and incidental per diem allowance.

  • Train travel is reimbursable, travelers must use coach unless overnight travel is required, in which case a roomette may be used.
  • Bus travel reimbursement shall not exceed lowest cost of the most reasonable form of other public or commercial transportation options.
  • Reasonable and necessary charges for taxi, shuttle, airline limousine, or car service (i.e. Lyft) including tips, up to a maximum of 20% of the fare, is reimbursable when other modes of travel are not available or practical.
  • Conference fees require adequate documentation such as both a payment receipt and a copy of the applicable page from the brochure, application or registration form.
  • Toll costs incurred while traveling for business are reimbursable.
    • Advance deposits placed on individual toll pass accounts are not reimbursable, only the pass dollars used to cover the business tolls for the trip will be reimbursed