The University of Wisconsin System Preferred Hotel Directory

StateRate Hotel Program

University Employees are eligible to book rooms under the StateRate program. These hotels are available in Concur, however are not marked as “Preferred” or “Most Preferred.” If you are unable to find a preferred hotel in your location, view the list of StateRate Hotels to determine if there is a participating hotel in your destination area. These hotels should be booked in Concur or with a Fox World Travel Agent whenever possible.

To Make A Reservation

Once you have selected your desired hotel, book your hotel through via Concur, or by contacting an agent.

Chainwide Discount

The University of Wisconsin System has established Chainwide Discount agreements with the following:

  • Radisson Hotels: 10% Discount
  • Choice Hotels: up to 25% off a hotel’s best available rate

Booking Rates For Personal Travel

University Employees may utilize negotiated hotel rates for their personal travel, subject to room availability. You may view properties offering rates for personal travel here.

2020 Hotel Directory

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