Administrative Groups

What is an administrative group?

The Administrative Group process allows a host department to easily manage all department specific travel needs for students, guests or employees.  The process allows the group administrator to either:

  • securely store a single University Purchasing Card on file with Travel Inc for agent reservations or;
  • to set up the group for individual bill, where each traveler provides a personal credit card at the time of booking.

Why set one up?

Once established, this process allows outbound or inbound travelers to work directly with the agency and make their own reservations according to the department’s defined rules and restrictions.  The travelers that are part of the Administrative Group do not have to be traveling together utilize this process.

This process is required when departments want students or guests to work directly with Travel Inc Consultants to make their own reservations.   The University’s program is unable to support making reservations for outbound/inbound travelers which requires the agent to contact the traveler for payment.  Travel Incorporated Consultants will not work directly with non-profiled travelers outside of the Administrative Group process.

getting started

Department arrangers must provide the following information and use the Travel Incorporated UW Group Reservation Request Form to submit the information.

  • Travel dates/times can be pre-defined (this is not required if not yet known)
  • Fare allowance
  • Approval requirements
  • If you want the card on file to be used for hotel guarantee (hold reservations for traveler’s own payment at check-out)
  • List of authorized users that are eligible to have their charges paid for via the card on file. This list may be modified as needed.

Once this process is complete, Travel Incorporated will provide the Administrative Group Code and contact information that must be given to and referenced by travelers or coordinators when booking under the established Administrative Group.

Important Note: Be advised that it will take up to 48 business hours to have the group set up internally.

booking under the admin group code

When communicating information to travelers that will be utilizing the Administrative Group please provide the following information:

  • The Administrative Group Code
  • Travel Incorporated normal business hours are 7:00am–7:30pm CT.
  • After Hour Emergency support must be contacted for air difficulties during travel status.
  • In accordance with University requirements, travelers should not contact the airline directly but work with After Hours Support to assist with any air difficulties or ticket issues

Travelers can book through three methods:

closing the group

Administrative groups are set to be active for 12-24 months from creation, unless otherwise discussed with Travel Incorporated.