All Travel Incorporated Administrative Groups will Expire June 30

  • Existing Administrative Group Codes may still be used for new bookings through June 30th.
  • No NEW Administrative Group Codes will be established after Friday, May 31st.
  • Employees may, as always, book on behalf of non-employees in Concur, or by calling or emailing Travel Incorporated.
  • Fox’s new “One-time Individual Booking Request Form” will be available after July 1.

Review the travel agency transition webpage for further information.

Administrative Groups

What is an administrative group?

The Administrative Group process allows a host department to easily manage all department specific travel needs for students, guests or employees.  The process allows the group administrator to either:

  • securely store a single University Purchasing Card on file with Travel Inc for agent reservations or;
  • to set up the group for individual bill, where each traveler provides a personal credit card at the time of booking.


booking under the admin group code

When communicating information to travelers that will be utilizing the Administrative Group please provide the following information:

  • The Administrative Group Code
  • Travel Incorporated normal business hours are 7:00am–7:30pm CT.
  • After Hour Emergency support must be contacted for air difficulties during travel status.
  • In accordance with University requirements, travelers should not contact the airline directly but work with After Hours Support to assist with any air difficulties or ticket issues

Travelers can book through three methods:

closing the group

Administrative groups are set to be active for 12-24 months from creation, unless otherwise discussed with Travel Incorporated.