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Need a bit more support with your booking? Working with a consultant is recommended for those:

  • Booking complex international flights
  • Booking next day/same day air travel
  • Uncomfortable with online booking
  • Who prefer to speak to an individual or are
  • Booking airfare with a companion

Meet the team

The agents below are happy to help with:
  • Employee travelers self booking
  • Travel arrangers booking for other employee
  • Setting up and booking travel using an Administrative Group
  • All “Live-Sell” tickets, where the ticket is purchased individually and not part of a group block contract
  • Changing travel plans

Sarah Adams

Dedicated UW Consulant
  • I’ve been in the travel industry 25 years.
  • Been with TI 2 years  
  • Enjoy spending time with my family, camping and gardening
  • Avid foodie!! I love to cook and eat great food!
  • I have a big yellow lab named Suzy
  • I have travelled to Canada, the Caribbean, England, Mexico and all of the U.S.


“It was a real pleasure working with Sarah. She was professional, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and kind. I would truly enjoy working with Sarah on a regular basis. VERY impressed. She is a keeper.” – UW Madison Arranger



Liz Duchaine

Dedicated UW Consulant
  • 25 years in the travel industry
  • 19 Years with Travel Inc
  • Has 3 dogs, Rambo, Brody & RED, Enjoys gardening, boating & shelling
  • She has traveled to Canada,Caribbean, England, Italy & Mexico and visited over 22 states

Jane Wilson

Dedicated UW Consulant
  • In the industry for over 35 years
  • TI for 12 years
  • Enjoys hiking, tennis, gardening and fly fishing in her spare time
  • She has lived in 9 States, visited over 22 states and traveled to Germany, England,France, New Zealand, Japan,Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico and Canada.

Brian Davis

Dedicated UW Consultant

Penny Bowker

Dedicated UW Consultant

Stephanie Downs

Dedicated UW Consultant

Desiree Moore

Dedicated UW Consultant

Nilsa Berrios

Dedicated UW Consultant

Agatina Cifarelli

Dedicated UW Consultant

Absa Sillah

Dedicated UW Consultant

Angela Rickey

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Business Hours:  7am CST – 8pm CST Mon-Fri (excluding holidays)

Call:  (877) 811-9898


24/7/365 Emergency Support is available outside of core business hours. Additional Fees apply.