1. Experiencing long hold times? Here are alternate ways to contact Travel Inc. about your travel.

    As university travel picks up pace, travelers may notice longer than anticipated  hold times. Travel Incorporated is aware of the long hold times and is working to improve operations in order to answer calls in a timely fashion. In addition to a phone call, here are other ways you can reach Travel Inc. that may […]

  2. Sustainable Travel Tips

    The University of Wisconsin System strives to follow sustainable principles, practices and values. Here are some tips to help you travel sustainably: Consider if the trip is essential, or if the trip can be done virtually. Limiting unneccesary trips is the best way to eliminate the carbon footprint that you leave. While typically airfare is […]

  3. Traveling Sustainably – A Comprehensive Guide

    The tips and tricks below can help successfully set you up to have a more sustainable traveling experience. authored by:  UW Stout Sustainability Office Pre-Trip Prep & Packing Preparing for your trip and packing are important times to consider sustainability and the positive impact you can have on your trip. Check out the UW System’s […]

  4. FAQs: E-Reimbursement – Traveler – Expense Report

    E-Reimbursement – Traveler – Expense Report How long do I have to submit an expense report? You have 90 days from the date of the expense incurred.  The one exception is relocation related expenses (which are all taxable to the employee).   How is the Frequently Used Expense Type list derived?  It is the top […]

  5. Retrieve Air Invoices

    INVOICES ISSUED WITH TRAVEL INCORPORATED AFTER JULY 1, 2020 To obtain your airline reservation receipt(s) booked through Concur or a Full Service Agente access the Travel Incorporated Travel Hub. This is for Travelers and Travel Arrangers Register for a new account and access any invoices previously sent to your email address Travel Incorporated Travel Hub INVOICES […]

  6. Receipt Requirements for Reimbursement

    When is a Receipt Required for Reimbursement? Travelers are advised to retain copies of all business travel receipts for personal tax filing purposes. For University reimbursement processing, the receipt requirements are listed below. Any Expense Regardless of Amount: Airline Tickets (must be agency invoice – the itinerary does not serve as a receipt) Airline Penalty Fees (Change/Cancel) […]

  7. Expense System Tutorials

    For complete information, view expense material on the SFS Website Getting Started Creating Expense Reports In The Expense Module Getting Started Sign Into The Expense Module Documents for the Traveler/Employee Assign An Alternate Business Process Guide For Traveler pdf Change Default Funding pdf Choose Per Diem Deductions Delete a Returned or Not Submitted Expense Report […]

  8. Memo Regarding Cancelled Flights

    Recently, we have noted an increase in the number of cancelled flights for UW business-related travel.  The most common cancellations are for conferences which get converted to a virtual format.  Please see below for guidance and considerations related to booking/cancelling airfare:   Flight cancellations are treated the way they were in the pre-UATP world.  That […]

  9. Common TER Sendback Reasons

    Common TER Sendback Reasons Agenda Copy Missing Attach a copy of the conference, meeting or event agenda. If none available please attach a copy of calendar. Receipt Copy Missing Attach a copy your receipt(s) to support your expense(s) including hotel folios and airfare e-invoices Incorrect Expense Type Review the list of expense types prior to […]

  10. TER Help Sheets

    Travel Expense Report (TER) Help Sheets TER Header Help Sheet Lodging Help Sheet Per Diem Help Sheet Mileage Help Sheet Vehicle Rental Help Sheet General Expenses Help Sheet