1. Updated Visa Procedures for China

    China has re-opened and processing Visas to the country has changed. Please see the document below created by our passport/visa partner, CIBT. The UW portal for CIBT can be found […]

  2. ETIAS: New Procedure for Entering Europe to begin in 2025

    EITAS: A new European screening process will affect citizens from over 60 countries In 2025, U.S. citizens and nationals of over 60 other countries will need an electronic travel authorization […]

  3. In Case of Emergency….

    Travel Incorporated offers 24/7/365 support for travelers that experience issues such as flight delays, cancellations, or other disruptions. If you need assistance booking a last-minute flight, car or hotel, please […]

  4. New UW System International Receipt Form

    When traveling to remote/international locations, a hardcopy receipt may be unattainable, illegible, or not contain sufficient information. Every effort should be made to obtain a legitimate receipt for all business expenses. If a receipt […]

  5. Policy Revision Effective July 1, 2022: Headquarter City & UW System Sponsored Events Policy 435

    Policy Revision: Headquarter City & UW System Sponsored Events Policy 435 Effective July 1, 2022, the maximum rate table below will apply to hosted meals within Headquarter City & UW […]

  6. Update on UWM International Travel

    Faculty/Staff/Students and Guests travelling on University Business In accordance with the International Travel Policy, travel to countries at or above a Level 3 warning by either by the Center of […]

  7. Updated CDC Entry Guidance

    Last night, the CDC updated its webpages to reflect President Biden’s proclamation yesterday establishing more restrictive entry requirements to the U.S. specific to COVID-19. This applies to both U.S and […]

  8. Reminders regarding International Travel

    International Booking restrictions/required approvals vary by campus. Please review the campus restrictions page prior to making travel arrangements. Visit the CDC’s International Travel During COVID-19 page prior to booking. It is recommended to contact […]