1. Real ID Deadline Extended to May 2023

    DHS Announces Extension of REAL ID Full Enforcement Deadline

  2. Fox World Travel Contract Amendment

    An amendment has been made to the Fox World Travel Contract at the request of UWSA leadership. We have reached an agreement that any airline sourcing fees will be paid up front, when requested ($205). Campuses should plan accordingly. In exchange, we no longer have an annual spend minimum. These changes were necessary due to […]

  3. Requirement for Proof of Negative COVID-19 Test Result or Recovery from COVID-19 for All Airline Passengers Arriving into the United States

    The CDC has recently issued a new order, effective January 26, 2021, that requires all travelers arriving to the US from a foreign country to get tested no more than 3 days before their flight departs and to provide proof of the negative result or documentation of having recovered from COVID-19 to the airline before […]

  4. 2021 New Mileage, Motorcycle and Turndown Rates

    Effective January 1 2021, the IRS Standard Mileage Rate for 2021 is down 1.50 cents to 56 cents per mile. The motorcycle rate has changed from 54.5 cents 54 cents per mile, and the turndown rate is 36 cents effective with travel 1/1/2021.

  5. Website Updates

    Recent TravelWIse website updates include: COVID-19 Section with new resources such as driving guides, campus restrictions and FAQs Travel Manager Resources Page updated Rental Car vs. Driving Cost Comparison Past Newsletter Archive            

  6. Now is the time – Update your Concur Profile

    With the recent change of travel agencies from Fox World Travel to Travel Incorporated,  UW Travel Services recently completed a comprehensive review of Concur profiles. Those with a missing credit card designate for Air Travel were sent a notification. We realize many people are not traveling right now; however, this is a good time to […]

  7. Travel Agency Fees – Point of Sale

    Effective July 1 2020, All UW Campuses with the exception of UW Eau Claire have moved to point of sale Travel Agency Service fees. Please be aware that agency and concur transactions will now have any applicable fees added to the transaction. If purchasing air travel, ensure that you have a credit card available for […]

  8. Policy Changes Effective July 1

    Effective July 1, these changes to the existing travel policies have been approved:   Lodging Policy now allows for usage of Airbnb, and full prepayment on lodging. Third Party Bookings are still restricted (such as Expedia and Orbitz). VRBO and Home Away are also not allowed. Reimbursement is allowed for Passports (must have business purpose). […]

  9. Unused Tickets Memo

    Because UW System is changing travel vendors on July 1, airline industry restrictions would not allow UW System to transfer all unused tickets from one vendor to another. Instead, UW System was able to convert the value of the unused tickets to UATP (Universal Air Travel Plan) prepaid airline cards. This will apply only to […]

  10. Register for Travel Agency Transition Open House

    This time is used to provide information on the travel agency transition, an overview of services of each agency, and open Q&A time to address any open questions. Registration open to all employees at UW System Schools