E-Reimbursement – Traveler – Expense Report

How long do I have to submit an expense report?

You have 90 days from the date of the expense incurred for non-travel expenses, and 90 days from the end of the trip for travel expenses.  The one exception is relocation related expenses (which are all taxable to the employee).


How is the Frequently Used Expense Type list derived? 

It is the top 10 used expense types in the last six months.


How should I input lodging expenses? 

All lodging days should be combined into one expense line with the expense date being the check-out date so it matches the hotel receipt.


Why do I receive an error when I’m trying to put in the over lodging maximum Exception Comment?

You will receive a Maximum number of records error message when trying to put in the Exception Comment.  Just click OK at the error screen and it will bring up the exception box to be filled in.


Will the Custom Funding Link chartfield values be updated when changing the funding in the Accounting Default link? 

No.  Custom Funding chartfield values on the button link do not change to reflect the change made in the Accounting Default link.


Where can you fill in the Justification for the trip information? 

It can be filled in at the General Information page or at the end before you can submit the Expense Report for approval.


Why is the Justification box handled differently in 9.2? 

Justification is called Notes in 9.2.  Once you add a Note, there are buttons to Add Notes or Edit.  The Edit button will only allow you to delete the Note.  You cannot make changes once the Note is saved.  The suggestion is to copy the original note to the clipboard and click Add Notes. Copy in prior information and make necessary changes to the new Note.  Once new Note information is saved Delete the previous note.


Can I delete the justification note if the report is sent back? 

Yes, you can delete anything you created even if the report is sent back to you.


How do you get back to the Expense General Information Page? 

Once you are in the details of the Expense Report and want to go back to the expense General Information page, you must choose the ICON in the upper left corner with the pencil.


How do I attach receipts?

Receipts are attached on the General Information page.


Do attachments come along when copying a prior expense report?

No.  Attachments won’t be copied from previous reports during copy functionality.


Does the withdraw function change the original submit date and time? 

No, it will still keep the original date and time and show another line in the history for the withdraw step.


How far back will the Expense History tile have data? 

Since the beginning of e-reimbursement until we decide to archive data.


How much of a deduction is there for Meals for the first and last day of the trip?

You receive 75% of the Per Diem Meals amount so the reduction is 25%.


What is included in the Amount field on the My Expense Reports and Expense History tiles?

The amounts reflects all payment types including Pre-paid amounts.


How can I change my Reference field default?

Under the same place as switching as an alternate to another traveler you can choose the User Defaults link and switch your in-state, out-of-state etc. preference.


E-Reimbursement – Traveler – Wallet

Can you change an expense type or payment type if pulled from the wallet into an expense report? 

No, you must go to the wallet and make expense type or payment type changes prior to pulling into an expense report.


Why are there negative amounts in the wallet? 

In most cases, the negative amounts in the wallet are the payments made to US Bank.