Travelers who will be travelling via air this summer should be aware of the current strains on the airline industry which has led to an increase in delays and flight cancellations. A shortage of qualified workers coupled with increase in air demand and weather issues serves as the main culprit.

If you are travelling, here are some actions you can take to prepare:

  1. Download an app to track your flight. Travel Inc offers an app that will sync to your itinerary. Most airlines also offer apps. This will provide you with updated gate and flight information as it is available.
  2. If your flight is delayed and you need to make other arrangements, contact the UW agency that booked your ticket.
  3. Monitor your flight status the day before your trip to ensure you are aware of any changes as they occur.
  4. Be patient – typically those working are doing the best they can given the situation.

More Information:

Download the TI Mobile App: Apple or Google Play

Department of Transportation information on Flight Delays and Cancellations