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SYSPolicyFormer Policy NumberLast Revised DateUnder Revision
102Policy on University of Wisconsin System Array Management: Program Planning, Delivery, Review, and ReportingACIS 1.0October 23, 2017
110UW System Board of Regents Criteria for Approval of Wisconsin Technical College System Collegiate Transfer ProgramsACIS 1.2
115Associate Degree StandardsACIS 1.3May 2015
120UW System Policy Regarding Offering On-Site Undergraduate and Graduate and Other Instruction ProgramsACIS 2.0May 08, 1996
125Supplementary Administrative Guidelines For UW System Implementation Of Regent Policies On Integration Of The Extension FunctionACIS 5.1May 01, 1989
125.AAdministrative Guidelines For UW System Implementation Of Regent Policy On Integration Between UW-Extension And The UW InstitutionsACIS 5.0March 1983
126Statewide Planning, Communication And Coordination Of Extension Programs In The UW SystemACIS 5.2May 01, 1989
127Identification of the Extension Function in the University of Wisconsin SystemACIS 5.3May 01, 1989
130Programming For The Non-Traditional Market In The UW SystemACIS 5.4May 1994
135UW System Undergraduate Transfer PolicyACIS 6.0June 01, 2015
136Required Disclosures for Participation in Certain UW System Services and Programs-November 24, 2017
140UW System Guidelines For Articulation Agreements Between UW System Institutions And WTCS DistrictsACIS 6.2June 09, 2011
145Development and Operation of Off-Campus International Educational Programs for University of Wisconsin System StudentsACIS 7.1June 23, 2017
145.AUniversity of Wisconsin System Uniform Statement of Responsibility, Release, and Authorization to Participate in Study Abroad and Exchange ProgramsACIS 7.1October 1999
146University of Wisconsin System Faculty and Academic Staff AbroadACIS 7.2April 2008
147Admission and Delivery of Services to International Students and for the Employment and Delivery of Services to International Faculty and Academic Staff at UW InstitutionsACIS 7.3April 2008
148Development and Operation of Contractual Training and Sponsored Students ProgramsACIS 7.4April 2008
150The Application of Job Market and Placement Information to Academic PlanningACPS 2.0February 07, 1975
155Faculty Development and Renewal – The 1970’s and BeyondACPS 3.0May 09, 1975
156Guidelines for Faculty Retraining, Renewal, and DevelopmentACPS 3.1June 1991
157Faculty Development and Renewal – A System Policy for Faculty Transfer and ExchangeACPS 3.2July 16, 1976
160The Faculty Sabbatical ProgramACPS 3.3Summer 2003
160.ASabbatical GuidelinesACPS 3.3Summer 2003
160.BSabbatical Leave Agreement FormACPS 3.3Summer 2003
165Academic Year Definition And Assorted DerivativesACPS 4.0February 11, 2000
170Lawton Undergraduate Minority Retention Grant ProgramACPS 5.1March 1988
171Recruitment/Retention of StudentsF26September 24, 2015
175Accreditation Visits and ReportsG24June 03, 1997
180Child Care CentersG38July 01, 1994
185College Credit in High SchoolG36September 16, 2016
190Computer Software OwnershipG10October 21, 1985
191Copyrightable Instructions Materials Ownership, Use, and ControlG27November 24, 1997

The UW System Administrative policies related to Human Resources apply to all institutions. However, effective July 1, 2015 two separate personnel systems were implemented per Wis. Stat. § 36.115 for the UW System: One for UW-Madison (HR Design) and one for the rest of the UW System (University Personnel System). Individuals should consult the appropriate website for other human resources policies.

SYSPolicyFormer Policy NumberLast Revised DateUnder Revision
205Employment of Student HelpG18August 20, 2007
206Student FICA ExemptionsG18AApril 12, 2012
210Educational Assistance for Faculty & StaffG25January 03, 2013
215Payment methods and Timing for PayrollG32April 21, 2004
220Affirmative Action Data CollectionG41May 14, 1990
230Salary & Fringe Benefit Calculations for Unclassified StaffF29December 01, 2004
235Personal Services PaymentsF31September 24, 2015
240Relocation (Household Moves) and Temporary or Indefinite Work AssignmentsF19December 27, 2017

SYSPolicyFormer Policy NumberLast Revised DateUnder Revision
505Purchasing Responsibility & AuthorityG8June 05, 1998
510Sharing Services/ProductsG11February 12, 2013
515Vendor-Sponsored Education ProgramsF30July 12, 1999

SYSPolicyFormer Policy NumberLast Revised DateUnder Revision
605Loss-Fund OperationsF35February 12, 2013
610Uninsured Personal Property Loss or DamagesF41November 24, 1997
615Vehicle use and Driver Authorization-October 31, 2016
615.ADriver Authorization Process and Requirements-October 31, 2016

SYSPolicyFormer Policy NumberLast Revised DateUnder Revision
705Carrying Weapons or Firearms at University of Wisconsin institutionsG51October 14, 2011

SYSPolicyFormer Policy NumberLast Revised DateUnder Revision
805Tuition and Fee Policies for Credit InstructionF44December 19, 2016
810Study Abroad ProgramsF45September 24, 2015
815Student Technology Fee ExpendituresF49July 20, 2001
820Segregated University FeesF50November 9, 2017
822Student Services FundingG15June 05, 1998
825Special Course FeesG29April 07, 2006
830Cooperative Educational Fee SchedulesG30March 1980
835Summer Short CoursesG35July 28, 1998
840Student Financial Aid in Extended Degree Program AdministrationG31June 30, 1997

SYSPolicyFormer Policy NumberLast Revised DateUnder Revision
905Maintenance of University-owned ResidencesG21October 29, 1975
910Leasing-January 26, 2018
910.ALeasing Process-January 26, 2018

SYSPolicyFormer Policy NumberLast Revised DateUnder Revision