Primary staff contact for this policy:

New or revised policy:
If revised policy, are the changes technical or substantive:1

Policy name (& number if applicable):

Implementation target date:

Date policy proposal submitted:

  1. Reason for policy and desired result
    (Statement on why a new or revised policy is being recommended)
  2. Individuals and entities affected by the policy
    (Identify employees and groups/organizations who would be affected by the new or revised policy)
  3. Anticipated impact of the policy on UW System institutions
    (State how the new or revised policy would affect UW System institutions, to include projected fiscal and other resource)
  4. Policy interactions
    (List all current Board of Regents and UW System policies, as well as any federal or state legislation and regulations that govern, require, or relate to the new or revised policy)

  1. Refer to UW System Administrative Policy 2 on the ‘Development, Revision, and Approval of Academic and Student Affairs Policies & Procedures’ for guidance on what constitutes a technical change(s) to an Academic or Student Affairs Policy.