The primary governance policies and procedures for the entire UW System are listed below. If you have questions regarding governance at a specific UW campus or institution, please contact the campus or institution directly.

Wisconsin Administrative Code (Rules adopted by the Board of Regents)

These rules were promulgated in accordance with the rulemaking authority vested in the Board of Regents by Chapter 36 of the Wisconsin Statutes. The rules govern areas such as the use of university facilities, conduct, and dismissal of personnel.

Wisconsin Administrative Code

Board of Regents Policies

Regent Policy Documents have been adopted pursuant to the policy-making authority vested in the Board by Chapter 36 of the Wisconsin Statutes. The Regent Policies address, but are not limited to academic policies and programs, equal opportunity, tuition and fees, housing, activities of faculty members, student activities, and trust and investment policies.

BOR Policies

UW System Administrative Policies & Procedures

UW System administrative policies and procedures are applicable systemwide and cover academic, financial, and general administration issues. The policies and procedures provide specific direction to UW System institutions and Administrative policies are central to the governance of the UW System. They are issued and approved by the UW System President.

Administrative Policies & Procedures

University Personnel System Operational Policies

The University Personnel System (UPS) Operational Policies provide the framework for UW institutions, other than UW-Madison, to extend the UW Board of Regents’ authority to university staff. On July 15, 2019, these policies were integrated into the UW System Administrative Policies & Procedures as the 1200 series.

UPS Operational Policies

UW System Institutional Policy Library

The UW System Institutional Policy Library includes links to policies, procedures, and handbooks for each UW Institution. If you have questions regarding these links, please contact the UW Institution directly.

UW System Institutional Policy Library

Search UW Policies

Search Regent Policy Documents, UW System Administrative Policies & Procedures, and University Personnel System Operational Policies.

This image shows six concentric circles of different sizes that represent the policy framework in which University of Wisconsin System policies exist. Each tier of policy is represented by one of the six circles. The scope of the policies becomes smaller as you move from the outer circles towards the inner circles.  Federal Legislation and Administrative Rules occupy the largest, outermost circle because they have the broadest scope. Moving inward, the next circle contains Wisconsin State Statues and Administrative Code. The next tier is Board of Regents Policies. This is followed by UW System Administrative Policies and Procedures, including University Personnel System policies and UW-Madison HR Design Policies. This is followed by UW System Institutional Policies, Procedures, and Handbooks. UW System or Institution Guidance and FAQs occupy the smallest, innermost circle.

Policy Updates

Other Resources

  • Legal Resources: Resources include links to state and federal laws and regulations, as well as written materials that provide summaries of legal requirements and answers to frequently asked questions on topics such as employee ethics, tenure and appointment, academic staff appointments, open meetings laws, and public records management.
  • Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (WIAC) Handbook: Sets forth the governance of athletics, including WIAC’s constitution, bylaws and administrative regulations.