Original Issuance Date: June 22, 2023 

1. Purpose of Procedures 

This set of procedures supports the policy SYS 185, Awarding of UW System Credit in Wisconsin Schools that sets forth the expectations of the UW System institutions related to the offering of credit-bearing courses in Wisconsin schools. These procedures will enhance the quality of these educational offerings to articulate processes that will ensure that university credit is being awarded consistently and equitably across participating institutions. Specifically, the procedures will focus on the quality of the courses, faculty qualifications, professional development, students, tuition, and record keeping.  

2. Responsible UW System Officer 

Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs 

Vice President for Finance and Administration 

3. Definitions 

Credit-bearing Courses: Courses approved by UW System institutions as meeting the institution’s requirements for awarding of credit. 

4. Procedures 

The following procedures should be followed to ensure that credit-bearing courses from UW institutions taught in Wisconsin schools meet the criteria. 

A. Credit-bearing Courses

University departments are primarily responsible for assuring equivalent quality for these courses. Implementation of course standards should include at least the following: 

I. Course syllabus

The appropriate academic department, or its designee, will approve the syllabus for each course prepared by the adjunct instructor each semester. 

II. Examinations

The appropriate academic department, or its designee, will review in-term examinations and grading criteria each semester. Final examinations, or an equivalent assessment instrument, shall be developed in close consultation with the appropriate academic department, or its designee, and a copy of each final examination shall be placed on file in the department. 

B. Faculty

Instructors who teach UW credit-bearing courses at participating Wisconsin schools must meet the faculty qualifications criteria as articulated by the Higher Learning Commission Instructors shall also meet all institutional and appropriate university departmental standards necessary to qualify as an adjunct instructor.  

C. Professional Development

Each UW institution should have professional development programs in place to support Wisconsin school instructors who teach credit-bearing courses. Such interactions may include: 

  1. Regular, on-site visits by university faculty to review student work and ensure comparability of course work and grading standards; 
  2. Professional development seminars for university faculty and Wisconsin school instructors in the content area; 
  3. Training and preparation of Wisconsin school instructors prior to the initial offering of a college-level course; and 
  4. Encouraging Wisconsin school instructors to enhance their academic preparation by, for example, taking additional graduate course work and joining professional organizations.

D. Students

Student eligibility criteria for preparation in credit-bearing courses will be determined by the UW System institution in collaboration with the participating Wisconsin school. Examples of such eligibility criteria include passing a proficiency exam within the content area, having earned a particular grade point average, successfully completing prerequisite courses, demonstrating exceptional talent in the content area, or submitting validation, from a Wisconsin school instructor, that the student is qualified to take college course work in the content area. 

E. Student Records

All student enrollments should be reported in the UW System Central Data Request (CDR) and reported in such a way as to be uniquely identified. Refer to the CDR Manual vol. 1, p, 1410.  

5. Related Documents 

Section 118.55, Wis. Stats., Early college credit program 

Higher Learning Commission Assumed Practice B.2. 

SYS 185, Awarding of UW System Credit in Wisconsin Schools 

6. History

First approved: 06/22/2023