The institutions of the UW System recognize the value of faculty and academic staff developing global competence. These institutions encourage and support activities abroad for professional development, teaching, research, and service to the host countries. The UW System recognizes that these activities vary not only in purpose, but also in duration, type of arrangement with the host country, responsibilities to the home institution, and funding source. Despite these considerable variations, certain overall principles and policy guidelines apply.

A. The Responsibilities of the Faculty and Academic Staff

Faculty and academic staff abroad:

  1. Are governed by the same policies that define faculty and academic staff rights and responsibilities on the home campus.
  2. Should be sensitive to the customs of the host country and act in accordance with the laws of the host country.
  3. Should be willing, upon return to the home campus, to provide the broadest value to the institution of the time spent abroad.

B. The Responsibilities of the Institution and the System

  1. The home institution should consider incentives to encourage its faculty and academic staff to participate in programs abroad. These incentives may include, but are not limited to:
    1. Priority in considering faculty who include work abroad in a sabbatical.
    2. Recognition to the home department for services provided by faculty or academic staff abroad.
    3. Tenure, promotion, and merit processes which appropriately recognize the value of accomplishments abroad.
    4. Acknowledgement and provision for an allowance/differential for the cost of living abroad.
  2. The home institution should provide orientation and training for faculty or academic staff with program duties abroad.
  3. The home institution should seek to extend the same rights, responsibilities, and protections of academic freedom that apply on the home campus.
  4. The UW System and its institutions should consider ways to reduce disincentives for faculty and academic staff to accept professional assignments abroad. Such measures may include, but are not limited to:
    1. Modification of current policies to ensure inclusion of faculty and academic staff abroad in the merit/reward process.
    2. Provision of partial replacement funding to academic units that release faculty or academic staff to administer or teach in study abroad programs.
    3. Guidelines for the evaluation of service abroad to give equitable consideration for personnel matters regarding tenure, promotion, seniority, and merit.

C. Host Country Considerations

  1. UW institutions are urged to encourage and help support, when possible, their faculty and academic staff who undertake research, teaching or administrative work related to their University responsibilities in all regions of the world.
  2. To promote the free exchange of ideas and knowledge, there shall be no restrictions placed on the destinations of faculty or academic staff who engage in legitimate research or teaching, participate in technical assistance projects, consulting, or academic conferences, or engage in similar activities appropriate to their professional development.