Revised: June 3, 1997

I. Background

The relationship of System Administration to accreditation and other qualitative reports by agencies external to the University System (generally the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, the several professional associations, and certain state accrediting boards) requires clarification and specificity in the interest of effective system administration. In this regard, every effort should be made to maintain liaison between System Administration and each institution in order to make best use of the administrative/faculty resources of both entities. The best interests of the institutions and the UW System will be served by appropriate involvement of the President’s staff and members of the Board of Regents in major accreditation reviews and follow-up.

II. Policy and Procedure

A. Procedures related to the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Institutions of Higher Education.

  1. The UW System President and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs will each receive copies of any institutional self-study prior to the campus visit by the accreditation team.
  2. A representative or representatives of the UW System President’s Office will meet with the accreditation team. Such arrangements will be made through the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  3. If, in the judgment of the UW President or the institution, representation at the Regent level would be helpful, or if involvement by one or more Board members is specifically requested by the accrediting group, such representatives will be designated by the Board President to meet with the accreditation team.
  4. The UW President and Senior V 4. ice President for Academic Affairs will each receive a copy of the accrediting team’s report.
  5. Where the accreditation statement recommends changes or improvements, a discussion will follow between the respective Vice Chancellor and the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs concerning the follow-up to occur in relation to such recommendations. On particular recommendations, where there is agreement that changes will be undertaken, arrangements will be made for a subsequent report to the Office of Academic Affairs in a mutually agreeable form, and at a mutually agreeable time.

B. Procedures related to professional associations and certain state accrediting boards.

  1. For major reviews, Sections II.A.1., 4. and 5. of the procedures for North Central accreditation visits will be followed.
  2. Sections II.A.2. and 3. of this paper will apply only if the institution involved in the accreditation determines that participation by Regents/System staff would be appropriate and useful, or such representation is specifically requested by the accreditation team.

C. Procedures for all other qualitative reviews (including teams from Foundations, funding agencies, etc.)

Participation by Regents/System staff should be at the initiative of the institution based on its judgment that such participation would be appropriate and useful.