Original Issuance Date: March 4, 2020 

Last Revision Date:  March 11, 2024 

1. Purpose of Procedures 

These procedures state the actions required for regional accreditation and the role of the University of Wisconsin System Administration (UWSA) in the HLC accreditation review. 

2. Responsible UW System Officer 

Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs 

3. Definitions 

Higher Learning Commission (HLC): HLC is a regional accreditor that accredits colleges and universities in a 19-state region of the United States, including Wisconsin. 

4. Procedures 

A. As part of an institution’s HLC accreditation review, the UW System President and/or the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs (or their designee) may meet with the HLC accreditation team. The involvement of UWSA representatives in the visit may be initiated by UW System Administration or the university under review.

I. Universities are not required by HLC to have UWSA representation meet with the accreditation team during the visit. If they plan to do so, the university hosting the visit will coordinate the logistics for UWSA personnel involvement. The relevant UWSA office should be contacted at least eight (8) weeks in advance to facilitate scheduling. 

II. Per HLC procedures, the university should contact the HLC review team chair to inform them of their desire to include representatives from UWSA as part of their review visit. 

B. One or more  representatives from the UW System Board of Regents  participate in accreditation visits based on the direction of the HLC and the Chancellor of each UW university. The hosting university will coordinate the logistics for the Regents who will attend  the visit. Universities may contact the UW System Board of Regents Office at board@uwsa.edu for assistance in identifying Regents or coordinating Regent schedules. 

C. The UW System President and Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs will each receive a copy of the accrediting team’s report at least one week before the scheduled visit. The report shall be submitted to the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs via oaa@uwsa.edu 

D. If the accreditation review results in recommendations for changes or improvements, the university under review will coordinate a discussion between the respective Vice Chancellor and the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs. 

5. Related Documents 

Regent Policy Document 4-5, Accreditation and Assessment of Student Learning 

UW System Administrative Policy 175, Accreditation Visits and Reports 

HLC Procedure Document: Observation of HLC Visits by Other Recognized Accreditors and State Agencies  

6. History 

Revision 2:  March 11, 2024 

Revision 1: November 5, 2020 

First approved: March 4, 2020