Original Issuance Date: September 1, 2020

1. Purpose of Procedures

The purpose of this procedure is to provide information regarding the UW System guaranteed transfer program.

2. Responsible UW System Officer

Associate Vice President for Academic Programs & Faculty Advancement is the responsible officer. This procedure will affect the UW System Office of Academic and Student Affairs, all UW System universities, and UW System university transfer students. This procedure will influence the work of Admissions Offices. Each university in the UW System has Admissions and Transfer offices. This procedure will be distributed to Provosts, SSAO’s and Admissions Officers, Registrars, and Transfer Coordinators. The UW System Office of Student Success and the Office of Academic Programs and Faculty Advancement will monitor any need to update the procedure as well as do the three-year procedure review. The UW universities Admissions offices are expected to implement and maintain compliance with the procedure. All UW System universities must adhere to this procedure.

3. Definitions


4. Procedures

The policy states that UW System Guaranteed Transfer Admission Program provides “guaranteed” admission to students who start at any UW university or branch campus and directly transfer to another UW university. Students must fulfill certain credit, course, and grade point average requirements of the receiving institution in order to be eligible for the Guaranteed Transfer Admission Program.

The requirements state that:

Students who: (1) begin college as a freshman at a UW System campus, (2) earn a minimum of 24 transferable degree credits and (3) have a 2.0 GPA [3.20 for UW-Madison] are guaranteed admission to the UW transfer university.  Transfer GPA‘s are calculated using the formula established at the receiving university. The Guaranteed Transfer Admission Program guarantees admission to the university only and not to the specific program or major.  Students are encouraged to contact their receiving university for more information on the Guaranteed Transfer Admission Program as early as possible to begin planning for transfer.

Each university should maintain clear and publicly accessible information about their transfer policies and guaranteed transfer information and specific requirements on publicly facing websites.

Each university may decide if students need to submit an interest form to the receiving transfer institution.

5. Related Documents

SYS 135, UW System Undergraduate Transfer Policy

6. History

First published: October 25, 2021

First approved: September 1, 2020