Original Issuance Date: October 15, 2019 

Last Revision Date: October 4, 2023   

1. Policy Purpose

To identify specific contracts that are excluded from a competitive process. Due to the characteristics of these transactions, there typically is no competition to be sought. 

2. Responsible UW System Officer

UW System Director of Procurement 

3. Scope 

This policy applies to contracts that fall under the Board of Regents (BOR) Procurement Authority. 

4. Background  

There are contracts that do not have material value or should not be competed due to unique circumstances.  This policy identifies those specific categories. 

5. Definitions 

None listed. 

6. Policy Statement  

Certain transactions may be excluded from competitive bidding by the purchasing office if the products or services requested are unique, industry specific or unavailable from multiple suppliers.  The following are examples of such products or services which may be eligible to be excluded from the competitive process:  

  1. Fees for subscriptions to journals/research databases  
  2. Merchandise to be bought and resold by brand name and/or customer preference in an institution store, if no competition is available.   
  3. Honoraria 
  4. Collaborative research arrangements that support the mission of the university (e.g. CERN) 
  5. Redistribution of gift or grant funds for pre-designated purposes determined by the gift or grant 
  6. Performers or Entertainers, intercollegiate athletic contracts and exhibitions or displays on university property 
  7. Contracts for UW programs and operations located or implemented out of the United States (excluding travel) 
  8. Surplus goods from another public entity, e.g. federal government surplus 
  9. Contracts covered by UW System Administrative Policy 342, Extramural Support Administration 
  10. Non-exclusive contracts with organizations or agencies for the recruitment and admission of international students on a per capita fee basis 

Board of Regents approval requirements outlined in RPD 13-1, General Contract Approval, Signature Authority, and Reporting may still apply. 

7. Related Documents  

Regent Policy Document 13-1, General Contract Approval, Signature Authority, and Reporting 

UW System Administrative Policy 342, Extramural Support Administration 

UW System Administrative Policy 147, Admission and Delivery of Services to International Students and for the Employment and Delivery of Services to International Faculty and Academic Staff at UW Institutions 

8. Policy History  

First Revision: October 4, 2023 

First approved: October 15, 2019 

9. Scheduled Review  

October 2028