Revised: February 12, 2013

I. Background

Most UW institutions are presently providing some services to and sharing some products with external agencies. Several have major external services agreements with other governmental agencies. The UW System also encourages cooperation between its institutions. These cooperative arrangements may reduce total cost, increase productivity, and provide higher quality service.

II. Constraints

In addition to the policies set forth in this paper, sharing services and products is subject to the following rules and regulations:

III. Policy

Since the statutes clearly state that the University of Wisconsin System may perform services for other governmental and public educational agencies and the Board of Regents policy constrains the services and products offered, the following policy is adopted.

  1. A University of Wisconsin institution may enter into a cooperative arrangement with other institutions of the System or with external public agencies to provide services and products when such services and products are recognized to be of mutual benefit.
  2. Services to other institutions or external public agencies should only be undertaken under conditions which will assure no degradation of services to on-campus users.
  3. Any increase in resources primarily for the purpose of sharing services and products should be of such a nature as to allow for timely termination of those resources when they are no longer needed.
  4. All proposed cooperative arrangements over the threshold of $25,000 should be reviewed by legal counsel.
  5. Nonprofit private organizations serving the public interest can be served when it is deemed by the Chancellor that it is appropriate to the public service mission of the University.
  6. Services and products for the private sector are not included in specific statutory provisions, but can be provided where the Chancellor deems they are appropriate to the instructional or research missions of the University under Chapter 36, or where an emergency or unique situation exists and such services and products are not otherwise available from private sources.