Revised: October 29, 1975

I. General

In order to clearly establish the policy of the University of Wisconsin System as it relates to the maintenance and operation of university- owned residences and support services for university officials, the following statements shall apply:

  1. In those instances where a university-owned residence facility is the Board-specified domicile of a university official (e.g., Chancellor or President), the university retains ownership and the attendant responsibility for regular assignment of staff to maintain, repair, and service that facility and surrounding grounds.
  2. As a matter of Board policy no employee may be assigned to any university residence or official as a personal chauffeur or personal servant. This policy does not preclude use of university employees or student help to assist a university official who is required or expected to host or participate in official functions nor does it preclude occasional use of employees to drive a vehicle so that the university official’s time can be better utilized working en route rather than operating the vehicle.
  3. University employees may be utilized to assist a university official in hosting official functions or entertaining university guests, visitation teams and prospective donors where the purposes of such functions are consistent with the public’s interest in the continued development of the university. This includes the set-up of the site or residence before the event, food preparation and service for the participants, and clean-up following the event. Where these functions and related activities are essentially continuous responsibilities rather than infrequent special occasions, and the facility is purposely larger than normal family accommodations, the necessary support services may be provided on a continuing basis. Any support services utilized for entertainment purposes cannot be charged to GPR funds but must be charged to a separately budgeted entertainment account funded from unrestricted program revenue or segregated funds. Any assignment of permanent full or part-time employee for such support services shall be approved in advance by the Board of Regents.