The UW System Administrative Policies and Procedures (SYS) related to the University Personnel System (UPS) apply to all UW institutions other than UW-Madison. The UPS policies were integrated into the SYS policy series on July 15, 2019. No substantive changes were made during the integration.

Practice Directives are housed on the UW System Office of Human Resources’ website and can be found here. Practice Directives may have been UPS policies, appendices or other tools intended to be used as a reference point informing practice at institutions. The UW System Office of Human Resources will update them periodically.

Equal Employment Opportunity
SYSPolicyFormer Policy NumberLast Revised DateUnder Revision
1202Equal Employment OpportunityEEO 2September 23, 2022
1203Employment of VeteransEEO 3July 30, 2018
SYSPolicyFormer Policy NumberLast Revised DateUnder Revision
1210Vacation, Paid Leave Banks, and Vacation Cash PayoutsBN1May 23, 2023
1211Personal Holiday and Legal Holiday AdministrationBN 2February 24, 2023
1212Sick LeaveBN 3October 13, 2022
1213Wisconsin and Federal Family and Medical Leave ActsBN 4August 21, 2023
1214Catastrophic Leave ProgramBN 5August 24, 2022
1215Paid Leave of Absence for Bone Marrow and Human Organ DonationBN 6July 1, 2015
1216Miscellaneous Leave Provisions – Jury Duty, Voting, Election Official, Hostage Leave, and Leave Usage upon Death of Family MemberBN 7August 12, 2019
1217Non-Medical Leaves of AbsenceBN 8August 5, 2021
1218Military LeaveBN 9July 1, 2015
1219Continuous ServiceBN 12July 1, 2015
1220Postdoc Absence with Pay and Legal Holidays-September 16, 2022
SYSPolicyFormer Policy NumberLast Revised DateUnder Revision
1225General Terms and DefinitionsGen 0April 14, 2023
1227Standard Office Hours, Legal Holidays and Other UW System Institution ClosuresGen 2July 1, 2015
1228Telecommuting-May 17, 2021
1229Rehired AnnuitantsGEN 10July 1, 2015
1230Workplace SafetyGEN 11July 1, 2015
1231Hazardous Employment BenefitsGEN 12July 1, 2015
1232Layoff for Reasons of Budget or ProgramGEN 13July 1, 2015
1233Grievance ProceduresGEN 14July 1, 2015
1235Inclement Weather/Emergency ConditionsGEN 15July 1, 2015
1237Student EmploymentGEN 20June 7, 2022
1238Crafts WorkersGEN 21December 22, 2021
1240Job-Related Coursework and TrainingGEN 23July 1, 2015
1241Complaint ProceduresGEN 24July 1, 2015
1242Payment of LicensesGEN 25February 14, 2017
1244Summer Prepay Deductions and Summer Session Benefits EligibilityGEN 30October 21, 2022
1245Personal Internet Account AccessGEN 32July 1, 2015
Human Resources
SYSPolicyFormer Policy NumberLast Revised DateUnder Revision
1250Job SecurityHR 1September 28, 2021
1251Appointment Terms and Designation of PositionsHR 2July 1, 2015
1253FLSA DesignationHR 4April 2, 2018
1254Performance ManagementHR 5January 23, 2023
1255Teaching Assistants Selection, Training, and EvaluationHR 6July 1, 2015
1257Title ChangeHR 8December 4, 2023
1259I-9 VerificationHR 11April 2, 2018
1260Health Insurance Marketplace Notice DistributionHR 12July 17, 2018
1261Personnel FilesHR 13January 1, 2019
1262Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining ProceduresHR 14April 2, 2018
SYSPolicyFormer Policy NumberLast Revised DateUnder Revision
1270Optional General Payroll DeductionsPY 2November 11, 2022
Titles and Compensation
SYSPolicyFormer Policy NumberLast Revised DateUnder Revision
1275Recruitment PoliciesTC 1December 21, 2022
1277CompensationTC 3April 18, 2023
1277.ACompensation: Extraordinary Salary Ranges-December 27, 2019
1277.BCompensation: Merit Pay-February 14, 2023
1277.CCompensation: Recruitment Bonus-December 27, 2022
1278UW System Pay Plan Distribution Framework for University WorkforceTC 4May 2, 2023
TR: UPS Transition
SYSPolicyFormer Policy NumberLast Revised DateUnder Revision
1285Transition of Classified Staff to University StaffTR 1July 1, 2015
1286Effect on WRS Service, Accrued Leave & Continuous Service When Moving To and From UW System Institutions or AgenciesTR 2July 1, 2015
1287Voluntary Reassignment of Certain Current University Staff to Academic Staff PositionsTR 3December 4, 2023
1288Reinstatement of Employment Privileges Under Wis. Stat. § 36.115(6)TR 4July 1, 2015
Workplace Expectations
SYSPolicyFormer Policy NumberLast Revised DateUnder Revision
1290Code of EthicsWE 1October 5, 2020
1292Workplace Conduct ExpectationsWE 3July 1, 2015
1293Mandatory Employee Training-August 21, 2023
1294Workplace Bullying-September 5, 2023