Concur loads all rates that the hotels offer. The UW Travel Program and our TMC partners work to ensure only rates that are eligible for use are displayed in Concur, however a point of discrepancy is the State Rates vs. State of Wisconsin rates. Please review the information below to ensure that you are only booking rates that are eligible for University of Wisconsin System travelers.

Can I book a State Rate in Concur?

A: If booking a hotel within Wisconsin, employees may use the State Government Rate.

You may also see the option for a State Government rate outside of Wisconsin. It is important to review the Rules and Cancellation policy. State Government Rates are generally only for employees who work in the same state that the hotel is located.




For hotels located in Wisconsin, travelers are eligible to use State Government Rates as well as Staterates and University of Wisconsin System rates.

Is the rate type of ‘StateRates’ the same as ‘State Government Rate’?

No, StateRates is a negotiated program managed by FedRooms. Concur and our TMC partners offer these rates as the UW is a part of the FedRooms/StateRates program.

Who can book ‘StateRate’ Rates?

All employees are eligible to use this rate for business use, regardless of the state that the hotel is located in.  However, students are not eligible for this rate, and may be denied the rate at check-in.

What happens if I booked a State Government Rate in a different state?

You may be denied the rate at check-in and be charged a rate higher than the lodging per diem.

Why are State Government Rates from a different State displayed in Concur? Shouldn’t only eligible rates be displayed?

If State Government Rates were prevented from being displayed in Concur, this would include State of Wisconsin government rates. As UW Travelers are eligible for those rates and a large portion of our travel is within Wisconsin, we cannot turn off this rate type.


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