The premiums listed below under each benefit plan are monthly amounts. See the Payroll page for the deduction schedule.

State Group Health

State Group Health

Premium TierEmployees Covered by the WRS-Health Plan Design-Employees Covered by the WRS– HDHP Plan Design-Employees Covered by Grad Assistant/ Short-Term AS-Health Plan Design Only-
Tier 1With Dental$88.00$219.00$33.00$82.00$45.50$113.50
Without Dental$85.00$211.00$30.00$74.00$42.50$105.50
Tier 2 (Access Plan – required to work out of state)With Dental$138.00$347.00$83.00$210.00$70.50$177.50
Without Dental$135.00$339.00$80.00$202.00$67.50$169.50
Tier 3 (Access Plan)With Dental$266.00$664.00$211.00$527.00$134.50$336.00
Without Dental$263.00$656.00$208.00$519.00$131.50$328.00

*WRS covered employees who are working less than 50% and University Staff Temporary employees with one appointment pay 50% of the total premium.

Additional Premium Information

2018 FULL PREMIUM – All Employees, Continuants & Retirees without Medicare

NOTE: Crafts workers must pay the full premium for health insurance

Updated: 01/17/2018