Eligible employees are granted vacation at time of hire and is prorated for the year based on start date (see below). Vacation is then granted at the start of the fiscal year (July 1) for Faculty, Academic Staff and Limited Appointees and at the start of the calendar year (January 1) for University Staff employees.

Once vacation is granted, it may be used before it’s earned for that annual period. Vacation may be used from the first day of employment and like all other paid leave, must be approved by your supervisor.

If vacation is not used within the year it is earned, it may be carried over into the following year. If vacation is not used by the end of the carryover period, it will be lost.

Faculty, Academic Staff and Limited Appointees

Granted 176 hours (22 days) of vacation per fiscal year; prorated if part-time. The fiscal year is July 1 – June 30.

University Staff Employees (does not include crafts workers)

Vacation is granted at the start of the calendar year (January 1) for University Staff.

Accrual is based on years of continuous service and your Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) status. Refer to your appointment letter to determine your FLSA status.

Vacation hours are prorated if part-time.

Vacation Hours Granted Each Year

(on January 1)

Years of Service

FLSA Non-Exempt

FLSA Exempt and
Nonexempt Supervisors

During First 5



5+ to 10



l0+ to 15



15+ to 20



20+ to 25



25 & Over



 Crafts workers

University Staff employees who are crafts workers are granted vacation hours differently. Crafts workers will be provided vacation in accordance with provisions in UPS Operational Policy BN1: Vacation, Paid Leave Banks, and Vacation Cash Payouts, except as indicated in UPS Operational Policy GEN21: Crafts Workers.

Leave Banking

Once certain eligibility requirements are met, employees have the opportunity to bank (save) unused vacation for use at a later date. Note: Crafts workers are not eligible to bank unused vacation.

Banked vacation:

  • Accumulates from year to year without limit and does not expire
  • Can be used like any other paid leave (must be approved by your supervisor)
  • May be able to receive a portion of eligible banking amount as a cash payout (University Staff only)

The option to bank vacation hours and/or receive a vacation cash-out is offered in July for eligible Faculty, Academic Staff and Limited Appointees and in late fall of each year for eligible University Staff.

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