The Disability Retirement Program is a disability retirement benefit that is a lifetime annuity (monthly payment) paid to eligible Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) employees who become disabled and are unable to work until normal retirement age. The benefit is based on final average earnings and years of actual creditable service, but adds assumed service as though you worked until normal retirement age. For more information, see the Disability Retirement Benefits Brochure (ET-5107).

Note: The Disability Retirement Program replaced the Long-Term Disability Insurance (LTDI) Program. The LTDI Program closed to new claims as of January 1, 2018. Current LTDI recipients continue to receive benefits under program rules.

The LTDI Program provided a monthly benefit of 40% of final average earnings until normal retirement age was met (typically age 65). A minimum amount of Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) service in at least 5 of the 7 years prior to disability was required to be eligible. For more information, see the LTDI Brochure (ET-5108).


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Updated: 05/29/2024