The Uniform Dental Insurance is available to you if you enroll in State Group Health Insurance.

The Preventive Dental Insurance plan is available to you if you waive State Group Health Insurance or select the Health Opt-Out Incentive.

Both the Uniform Dental and Preventive Dental plans cover diagnostic, preventive and basic dental services. Supplemental Dental Insurance plans are available (regardless of whether you enroll in State Group Health Insurance) to cover major and restorative (such as fillings) dental services.

Vision Insurance provides coverage for materials (contacts and/or glasses).


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ID Cards

If you enroll in dental and/or vision insurance, you will receive an ID card.

For the Uniform, Preventive, and Supplemental Dental Insurance plans, there are separate ID cards. Present both ID cards at your dental appointments if you enroll in more than one plan.

For the Vision Insurance plan, present your DeltaVision/EyeMed ID card at your vision appointments.

Go to the “Delta Dental” or “DeltaVision/EyeMed” link in the “Forms & Resources” section below to print your ID cards. Or contact the insurance carriers by phone to request your ID card be sent to you via U.S. Mail.

Benefit Premiums

For Dental and Vision Insurance premiums review the Benefit Premiums web page.

Note: Uniform Dental premiums are included in the health insurance premium. There is not a separate deduction on your paycheck for Uniform Dental benefits.

Forms & Resources

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Updated: 05/29/2024