The University of Wisconsin System is creating concise and consistent job titles and job descriptions to help us attract and retain the best people through the Title and Total Compensation Project.

What’s New – Benefits Surveys

UW System gathered system-wide employee input to better understand the value of our compensation and benefits offerings within the market and identify strategic priorities going forward. Read the summaries of the two benefits surveys:

Standard Job Description Online Library

Search for job titles and job descriptions for Academic Staff, University Staff, and Limited Appointees. Use this as a reference tool during Employee-Manager conversations.

What You Need to Know

  • The Title and Total Compensation (TTC) Project is extending the project timeline to allow for a more in-depth quality assurance review. This extension ensures titles will be more consistent across UW–System’s institutions. Managers and supervisors will also have more time to complete training and engage in conversations with employees. Employee conversations, some of which have already begun, will be extended through the Spring of 2020. Employees will still receive notification of their title change in the spring.
  • Employee-Manager Conversations may start as early as mid-December 2019, as directed by your institution Human Resources units. Managers will meet with employees to explain the new job titles and job descriptions. You can confirm that your new job description captures the work you do. Institution Human Resources will be coordinating and/or sending out communication regarding the specifics of these meetings at your institution.

What’s In It For Me?

  • Updated job titles and job descriptions will create greater consistency of job titles across the UW System
  • A job framework will provide long-term career development opportunities within the UW System
  • Market-informed pay and benefits structures will provide a foundation for competitive compensation
  • As a result of the project you will not lose your job, you will not have to reapply for your job, your work will not change, and your pay will not change

Helpful Videos

Employee Conversation video ad eLearning module for employees and managers
Standard Job Description video ad Job Framework video ad Career Path video ad