What You Need to Know

The UW System wide Title and Total Compensation (TTC) project is now in its final stages with a full implementation date scheduled for November 7, 2021.  Employees and Managers will continue conversations to confirm their position’s job title and job description. All conversations will be completed by early fall. More information will be shared in campus-specific communications.

The University of Wisconsin System and the University of Wisconsin–Madison are engaged in a redesign of job title and compensation structures. The Title and Total Compensation Project will result in relevant and market-informed titles to help us keep and grow our outstanding workforce.


We have designed a new job framework to organize job titles and create consistent job descriptions.

Total Compensation

Pay and benefits make up your total compensation. We are comparing our jobs with similar titles and work done in peer institutions and other organizations to create a market based pay structure.

We also surveyed benefits eligible employees about preferences for work/life and leave benefits. The survey results will help us determine recommendations for the future (Benefits that are regulated by the state of Wisconsin, such as healthcare and retirement, are not a part of TTC Project).

Employee Feedback

Employee involvement is essential to the success of the project. The project has engaged thousands of University of Wisconsin System employees in project teamwork, town halls, listening sessions, and orientations.