The University of Wisconsin System is creating concise and consistent job titles and job descriptions to help us attract and retain the best people through the Title and Total Compensation Project.

What You Need to Know

  • In response to the unknown variables of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Wisconsin System in consultation with UW-Madison, will extend the TTC Project timeline and target an implementation date in 2021 for new job titles and job descriptions. Given the unknown health and safety risks and other variables we are unable to provide an exact timeline. As new information becomes available, we will provide updates, continue to engage employees and seek guidance from the Joint Governance Advisory Group. The TTC Project Website remains the source for project communications, updates, and resources. Employees may also get in touch with their institution Human Resources departments for more information.  
  • Employee-Manager Conversations are on hold until further notice. As our plans become more clear in the coming months, we will provide guidance on when employee-manager conversations can resume. This will allow for employees, supervisors, and system institutions to focus on more pressing pandemic issues and ensure employee conversations related to TTC title and job descriptions can resume in a safe environment.
  • In the interim, we will sustain momentum on the TTC Project by leveraging this time as an opportunity to consider elements that were scheduled for future project phases. This includes starting the visioning process for a long-term comprehensive compensation and benefits strategy. All TTC project activities will inform the future 2021 implementation efforts.

Helpful Videos

Employee Conversation video ad eLearning module for employees and managers
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