Build Your UW Career

The job framework was created in part to show you where you are in your career in the University of Wisconsin System and allow you to see alternatives. There are four approaches to build your career at the University of Wisconsin System, and many careers include a combination of approaches. Career building is a journey shaped by personal interests and the University of Wisconsin System’s career opportunities or job openings. No two paths are exactly the same.

Upright red arrow Promotion
This includes taking on greater responsibilities in a specific area or specialty. When you demonstrate that you have the skills, experience, and capabilities to take on a higher role you will be considered for promotion. Typically, promotion is based on the needs of the University and the availability of open roles.
Crossing red arrows Grow in Place
This includes deepening your knowledge and skills in your current role, demonstrating increased competency and becoming the “go-to” person for your role as an organizational contributor. Even if your title or position doesn’t change, you can continue to develop yourself within your current role.
Horizontal red arrow Diversify Skills
This includes moving laterally in order to gain new experiences, knowledge, and skills. Moving laterally or looking for a job opportunity within your job family or sub-family, can help you gain a different view of our institution and tackle new challenges.
Red arrows turn Change Paths
This includes looking for jobs outside your job family or sub-family, or moving from a job in management to perhaps a job as a subject matter expert.

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