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This library for the University of Wisconsin System contains proposed standardized job titles and job descriptions for Academic Staff, University Staff, and Limited Appointees.

  • A standard job description describes work at a high level and connects UW jobs to similar jobs in the market. It is a general set of responsibilities, without regard to any specific employee, that describes the work an employee performs and their role and impact to the organization.
  • Review the titles in the library by job family and job sub-family, or use the search tool to look for key words in job titles and job summaries.
  • The standardized job description and minimum preferred education represent the systemwide shared minimum elements of each job description. When posting for an open position, institutions can add additional requirements or preferences to their specific recruitment.

(Inst) typically designates institution-wide scope and a non-institution job of the same title typically indicates use at a School/College/Division/Department-level.

[updateD August 15, 2021]