Listed below are the salary ranges for the Compensation Categories defined in Section 4; Policy of SYS 1277, Compensation. The rates remain in effect until updated. Rates are not automatically updated at the start of the calendar year. Different compensation categories are updated based on applicable policies and procedures, including undergoing Board of Regents or legislature approvals, which can be scheduled at various times throughout the year.

Compensation Category A Academic Staff, University Staff, and Limited Appointees salary ranges

Compensation Category B Instructional Academic Staff and Research Minimum Salaries

Compensation Category C Specially Defined or Statutorily Mandated Positions

  • Although a salary grade structure may apply, salaries are determined on a case-by-case basis and are typically based on the rate that the person has as a Faculty member. Academic Administrators, Academic Program Directors, Emeritus/Emerita, Military Science Faculty, and other Academic Staff/Limited Appointee job titles are in this compensation category.

Compensation Category D Faculty Minimum Salaries

Compensation Category E Executive Salary Ranges

Compensation Category F Crafts Workers/Trades Rates