Employee-Manager Conversations Toolkit

Employee-Manager Conversation Toolkit – A brief guide to support human resources and managers who will play a role in the implementation of the Title and Total Compensation Project. (PDF)
eLearning Module – 30 minute eLearning for employees and managers about the new Job Framework, compensation structure, and next steps. (Interactive online eLearning)eLearning module for employees and managers What to Expect During the Employee-Manager Conversation – 1-page learning series handout that explains the main purpose of the employee-manager conversation. (PDF)


The Standard Job Description Library The library includes the job titles and job descriptions for Academic Staff, University Staff, and Limited Appointees. (Interactive online resource)

Standard Job Description Library search

Business Title Guidelines – 1-page learning series handout that explains the new guidelines for using a Business Title. (PDF)

Title Appeal Process1-page learning series handout that explains the new process for appealing an assigned title. (PDF)

What is a Job Framework – Short video explaining the new Job Framework functions. (YouTube video)
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Progression and Promotion – Short video that explains how employees can get raises. (YouTube video) What is a Career Path Short video explaining career paths at UW System. (YouTube video)
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Can I Hold a Virtual Employee Conversation? – Factsheet that explains how to decide to have virtual Employee-Manager Conversations. (PDF)