The Catastrophic Leave Program allows the continuation of salary and benefits for an eligible employee who has a catastrophic need and has exhausted all paid leave. It allows employees to donate earned paid leave credits (except for sick leave or compensatory time) to employees who have a catastrophic need at their own or at a different UW institution.

“Catastrophic need” means a significant financial hardship that is due to an illness, medical condition or injury that incapacitates or is expected to incapacitate an employee or an employee’s family member that requires the employee to take unpaid time off from work for an extended period of time, as defined by the UW institution.

The program relies on the donation of unused vacation, banked leave/ALRA or personal/floating holidays by the employee’s co-workers.

How to Apply for Catastrophic Leave

  • Read about the Catastrophic Leave Program.
  • Review the Employee Catastrophic Leave Request (UWS 420) pdf form.
  • Determine how many hours of catastrophic leave are needed with the assistance of your human resources office.
  • Complete the Employee Request for Catastrophic Leave form and submit it to your human resources office. Your human resources office may request medical certification.

How to Donate Time to Catastrophic Leave


last updated: 12/9/2016


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