The Sick Leave Credit Conversion Program Estimator is a tool you can use to help you determine the value of your sick leave credits at the time of retirement. There are two programs that determine the value of your sick leave credits at retirement. The Accumulated Sick Leave Conversion Credit Program (ASLCC) and the Supplemental Health Insurance Conversion Credit Program (SHICC).

The ASLCC program allows employees to convert sick leave to pay for health insurance at retirement, as well as in other situations such as death, layoff or termination with 20 years of service. Under this program, accumulated sick leave is multiplied by the employee’s highest basic pay rate in a qualifying position and converted to credits to pay for State Group Health Insurance in retirement (or in the other instances listed above).

The SHICC program allows employees who have at least 15 years of continuous state service to earn sick leave credits in addition to those provided by the ASLCC program. Eligible employees earn up to 52 supplemental credits/year for years 1-24 of service and up to 104 supplemental credits/year for years 25 and beyond. Note: the number of supplemental credits provided may not exceed the actual number of sick leave credit hours an employee has accumulated.

This estimator will:

  • Use your date of birth and your spouse’s date of birth to determine when you become eligible for lower health insurance premiums based on Medicare eligibility.
  • Use your expected annual increase in health insurance premiums to determine how long your health insurance premiums will last in retirement.
  • Project how many hours of sick leave you will earn (and use) between today and your retirement date.
  • Project your annual salary if you choose to enter your estimated annual salary increase.

The estimator does not provide an official estimate of the value of your sick leave credits and does not guarantee future benefits. The actual value of your sick leave credits at the time of termination/retirement will be based on your highest basic pay rate in state/UW System employment, your accumulated sick leave balance, your years of adjusted continuous state/UW System service and applicable laws, compensation plans and collective bargaining agreements in effect at your termination of employment. If you work in a protective occupation, you earn supplemental sick leave credits at a different rate so this estimator will not be accurate for you.

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You will need the following information before you can estimate the value of your sick leave credits:

  • Your estimated retirement date
  • Your current sick leave balance
  • Your continuous service date – this is typically your first day of state or UW System employment in a position that both earned sick leave and was covered by the Wisconsin Retirement System. This date is adjusted for any breaks in employment. If you do not know this date, please contact your human resources office.
  • If University Staff, your current and/or expected highest basic pay rate
  • If Faculty, Academic Staff or Limited Appointee, your current and/or expected highest annual salary (this is your annual base salary and does not include overloads, summer pay or any additional pay)
  • The name of your current health plan and/or the name of the health plan that you expect to have in retirement
  • Note: The basic pay rate for ASLCC purposes is the highest hourly rate when in a state/UW System position eligible to accrue sick leave. For a pay rate to be used in the calculation, an employee must have earned sick leave eligibility for conversion at that pay rate.

last updated: 12/29/2017

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Chrome and Firefox are the preferred browsers.