If you have received notices from the FSA Administrator (TASC) or the UW System about 2018 Flexible Spending Account (FSA) unsubstantiated health care claims, you will need to substantiate, substitute or repay your unsubstantiated claims by March 31, 2019. This page includes information on the steps you should take to resolve your claim(s), the payroll withholding process and a timeline of what will occur between now and the end of March if you did not resolve your claims by December 31, 2018.

Basics of Unsubstantiated Health Care FSA Claims

If a health care FSA debit card transaction is not automatically substantiated, you will be notified of an “unsubstantiated claim” that needs to be resolved by substantiation, substitution or repayment. You may receive notices about the unsubstantiated claim via the email address associated with your TASC account:

  • 1 day after the transaction
  • 15 days after the transaction
  • 30 days after the transaction
  • 45 days after the transaction (your debit card will be deactivated until your claims are resolved)

Check the junk folder in your email for these notices. If you do not have an email associated with your account through TASC, the notices will be sent to the home mailing address associated with your account through TASC.

These notifications will be sent for every health care FSA unsubstantiated claim throughout the year. The exception to the above notices is if you have used your debit card late December and/or early January. Since the payroll withholding process begins early January, there are times a participant may not receive all the above notifications prior to the start of the payroll withholding process (see the payroll withholding section below for additional information).

Resolving Unsubstantiated Health Care FSA Claims

Until March 31, 2019, you may submit documentation via TASC’s Plan Correction Form. To resolve a claim, you should do one of the following:

  • Substantiate the original claim with documentation. Documentation may include:
    • Explanation of Benefits (recommended when available)
    • Itemized statement or detailed receipt
  • Substitute the original claim with another eligible claim using one of the document types above. A substituted claim cannot be a claim previously submitted and must be for the correct plan year.
  • Repay the amount of the unsubstantiated claim directly to TASC. Send the Plan Correction Form, a copy of your repayment notification and a check/money order made payable to TASC Claims Repayment.

It may take 7-10 business days for TASC to process your unsubstantiated claims submission and update your account. It is in a participants best interest to resolve claims by December 31, 2018, before the claims enter the payroll withholding process. Claims can be resolved January 1, 2019 through March 31, 2019; however, the payroll withholding process may have already begun so pay may also be withheld. See the payroll withholding process section for additional information.

UW System Procedure

TASC generates reports of employees with health care FSA unsubstantiated claim(s). The reports are sent to UW System then to the institution Benefit Administrators. Employees on the reports are sent emails and/or home mailers from TASC and emails from UW System on specific dates (see Communication section below). Reminders:

  • Once a claim is resolved, it can take 7-10 business days to post to your account. Due to timing, you may resolve a claim and still receive a notification. If you contact TASC and confirm everything is resolved, you may disregard the notification.
  • Due to the nature of incurring claims, the reports of employees with unsubstantiated claims are continuously changing. This means that as claims are submitted and/or resolved, an employee may appear on one report and not on the next (and vice versa).


Communications are sent to employees based on the TASC reports. All notifications are sent to the email and mailing address associated with employee’s TASC account. Below are copies of communications that have been sent by TASC and the UW System.


UW System

Payroll Withholding Process

Mid-January, TASC generated a report of employees with health care FSA unsubstantiated claim(s) balances. This report was used for the payroll withholding process. UW System sent an email to affected employees shortly thereafter.

Payroll will be withheld in the following manner:

Balance Amount Action
At or Under $100 The balance will be taken out of one paycheck (bi-weekly or monthly).
Greater than $100 The balance will be divided into even deduction amounts per pay period until the end of the run-out period (March 31st).

Employees with balances greater than $250 should be contacted directly by their institution’s human resources office.

Payroll will be withheld from the following paychecks:

Monthly-paid Employees
Pay Period Pay Date
January 02/01/2019
February 03/01/2019
Biweekly-paid Employees
Pay Period Pay Date
01/06/2019 – 01/19/2019 01/31/2019
01/20/2019 – 02/02/2019 02/14/2019
02/03/2019 – 02/16/2019 02/28/2019
02/17/2019 – 03/02/2019 03/14/2019
03/03/2019 – 03/16/2019 03/28/2019

Payroll Withholding Process – Frequently Asked Questions

I substantiated my claims with TASC a few days ago; why did I receive the payroll withholding notice mid-January?

The substantiation process and payroll withholding processes are complex. There is a chance your claims have been resolved; however, you also appeared on TASC’s unsubstantiated claims report. This is likely a timing issue. In this situation, TASC will notify UW System HR that your claims have been resolved, TASC will request that no future payroll withholdings occur and TASC will automatically issue you a refund check.

May I resolve unsubstantiated claims during the payroll withholding process and if so, how?

Yes! You may do so until March 31, 2019 by using TASC’s Plan Correction Form; however, you will still be included in the payroll withholding process until TASC has notified UW System HR that all claims have been resolved. TASC will then request that no future payroll withholdings occur and TASC will automatically issue you a refund check.

I used my debit card early January and only received one communication from TASC requesting substantiation. In the past I have received multiple opportunities to substantiate claims without pay being withheld. Why is pay being withheld without giving me ample time to resolve claims?

This is a timing issue. Per the program requirements, the UW must wait for the plan year to end (December 31st) to recoup unsubstantiated claims through payroll withholding. Additionally, the program requirements do not allow for payroll withholding after March 31st. The short window to recoup unsubstantiated claims does not allow for all of the standard communications (1st day, 15th day, 30th day and 45th day).

Why should I resolve unsubstantiated claims after the payroll withholding process has begun?
If you decide to substantiate your claims, TASC will issue you a refund check for the amount that was taken through the payroll withholding process.

Inactive Employees

For employees who are inactive or become inactive during this process:

  • Inactive employees are responsible for updating their email and mailing address directly with TASC.
  • If an inactive employee does not resolve an unsubstantiated claims balance with TASC, the balance will be converted to business debt.


For questions on accounts, how to resolve a health care FSA unsubstantiated claim, and/or the status of a claim or refund, please contact TASC at:

844-786-3947 or 608-316-2408

ATENCIÓN: si habla español, tiene a su disposición servicios gratuitos de asistencia lingüística. Llame al 1-608-316-2408.