1. Concur Trip Details and Open Ticket Memo


    Trip details for reservations booked prior to the transition to Fox World Travel on July 1, 2024, are no longer visible in Concur. Changes to these bookings can be made […]

  1. Transition of Travel Services to Fox World Travel


    Universities of Wisconsin’s individual travel services are now supported by Fox World Travel. Travelers can contact the Higher Education Team at Fox World Travel via phone at 608-710-4172 or via […]

  1. Switch from Travel Inc. to Fox World Travel for Individual Travel


    On July 1, 2024, the UW’s contract with Travel Incorporated will lapse and all individual travel arrangements previously managed by Travel Inc. will move to Fox World Travel. UW is […]

  1. Important Fiscal Year End Expense Processing Deadlines


    Note: Does not apply to UW-Madison, for UW-Madison dates, please reference: Friday, May 24 – TER Deadline for TERs Audited Centrally – This is a suggested date that will allow adequate […]

UW - Parkside Frequently Asked Questions

Your airfare may be paid through your department, through a professional development grant, through grant funding, from the foundation, etc., or you may need to split your airfare between multiple funding strings.


 If you intend to only be purchasing travel related expenses, you should obtain a Corporate Travel card.  If you do purchasing for your department, you should obtain a Purchasing Card (Pcard)

 If it’s mixed,  and you do travel arrangements for others, you can use a Pcard. The Pcard limitations for travel are as follows:

  • Cannot be used for day trip parking
  • Cannot be used for any alcohol or individual meals
  • Cannot be used for insurance (i.e. CISI)


Travel Card transactions payments must be paid by the employee through an e-reimbursement or by setting up an account with access online. 

Read more by visiting Payment Methods

All expense reimbursements must be submitted within 90 days of:

  • the end of the trip for travel -related expense reimbursements.
  • the date of the purchase for non-travel-related expense reimbursements.

Cash Advance expense reimbursement reports must be submitted within 30 days of the end of the trip.

Please note that failure to submit your expense report within the timeframe requires an exception request form.

Expense reimbursements not in compliance with the above timelines

  • may not be reimbursed or
  • will be reported as taxable income for the individual reimbursed.

Please note: The Expense Exception form is only accessed via Business Services staff. Please email to request a form. 

The ghost card is a card product managed by UW Parkside Business Services that is automatically used when airfare is booked in Concur or with a designated agent. Use of this card is required for all airfare purchases.  Please note that Business Services staff may contact you regarding your funding string for airfare.


SFS Availability

Upcoming Scheduled SFS Outages and Refreshes

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ShopUW+ will be available during SFS outages though Requisition, Purchase Order and Invoice workflow will pause at any SFS integrations.  New Requisitions will need to wait for the outage to complete before they can be approved and/or sent to the supplier. 

Below is an example of a Workflow Stop during an SFS outage:



Assign Madison PO Number - completed

Create Suppler Documents - completed

Send PO to Suppler - completed

Workflow Stop for SFS Outage - active

Batch PO Export - future

Finish - future


The Workflow Stop will go to the next step in workflow when the outage is complete.

Support hours for SFS and WISDM are between 7:45am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. During these times, questions can be directed to UWSA Problem Solvers.

Both SFS and WISER are generally available for use outside the supported hours, but users should be aware that many processing activities take place overnight and response times may vary significantly. Additionally, depending on the time entered, transactions entered overnight may not be processed in that evening’s batch or available in WISER the follow day. The timing associated with entering and processing information has significant impacts on the visibility of data in SFS and WISER.

Please note that Sunday mornings between

5am until noon, Central Time

are reserved for technical system maintenance for both SFS systems and support systems (e.g. WISER). If you are unable to access the system during this time, please try again later in the day.

Calendar View

View upcoming scheduled SFS outages in a calendar.

Show Calendar

DoIT Outages Page

Real time outage information for SFS and other systems.


UW Madison DoIT

Central Audit Processing Status

As of : Jul 10, 2024

Total TER in Approval Queue :  596 (Excluding UW Madison)

% of reports :
Under 5 days – 43%
Over 5 days – 36%
Over 10 days – 20%
Over 15 days – 1%


Updated: 07/10/2024