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Documents for the Traveler/Employee

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Videos for the SFS 9.2 System

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The Travel and Expense module is available to institutions using the E-Reimbursement module (e-Re).

Expense Report Statuses:

Status Description
Approved for Payment (APY) All approvals are done. Waiting for payment processing.
Closed (CLS) Paid and closed.
Denied (DEN) An approver has denied this expense report.
On Hold (HLD, HDA, HDU) An approver has put this expense report on hold.
Approvals in Process (PAR) Pending approvals.
Paid (PD) Payment has been made. Not closed yet.
Pending (PND) The traveler or alternate has created the report but not submitted it yet, or it was sent back for revision.
Staged (STG) Approved and waiting for the pay cycle to process.
Submitted for Approval (SUB) Waiting for an approver.

Expensing an Airline Ticket Paid for by a UATP Card

Information on how to determine if your ticket was paid for with a University UATP card and instructions for expensing UATP transactions


Video Tutorials:

Expensing UATP Tickets (All Campuses Except UW Madison and Eau Claire)