Enterprise/National Rent-A-Car Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between Enterprise and National contracts?

Both Enterprise and National are brands owned by Enterprise Holdings.  The UW System has a contract with both brands with similar pricing and benefits. Enterprise is the option for neighborhood and campus community locations while National is the preferred brand at airports.

For contract details and pricing review University of Wisconsin Program Summary.

How can Enterprise be booked?

Most rentals are required to be reserved in Concur Travel or with a Travel, Inc consultant.  Specialty vehicles must be rented directly from the branch.  Charge cards are required to guarantee/hold reservations.  Departments must reserve vehicles for non-employees or students traveling for UW sponsored purposes using Concur or Fox agents.

I’m making reservations for several travelers, can I make them all under one name?

No, each reservation must be made in the name of the driver.  This is required for vehicle responsibility, driver authorization and to ensure that the driver is covered under the contract provided insurances.  Additional drivers may be added at the rental counter at time of vehicle pick-up.


What is the rental car process with Enterprise?

  • Once you have booked your rental car, please keep your Confirmation Number (Received from Fox World Travel) and bring it with you to the Enterprise counter.
  • FREE PICK-UP SERVICE: If you require a pick-up service, please call your closest rental location. They will pick you up from work or home. Please provide them with your confirmation number.
  • COVERAGES: Decline Damage Waiver and Liability coverage when contract id is used during booking, the insurances are included in the rate for all U.S. rentals. If the terms of the rental agreement are violated, CDW and Liability coverage will not apply. Must be booked under UW contract rates, promotional rates do not apply.
  • VEHICLE CHECK-IN: Please walk around the vehicle for unmarked scratches/ or marks and bring to counter’s attention before you depart.
  • RETURN DROP-OFF: We have a drop-off service to return you to home or work.

What is the re-fuel policy with Enterprise?

In accordance with University policy and to avoid any additional fuel charges, you must return the vehicle with the same level of fuel received at the time of check-out.  A minimum of a half tank of fuel is guaranteed.  If the vehicle is returned and the fuel is not replaced, the branch will add fuel charges to your final bill.

What happens if I miss paying a toll?

Unpaid tolls will result in a post rental charge from Enterprise (or National) that will include the amount of the toll and an additional convenience fee required to process the transaction on behalf of the tolling authority. To avoid this additional charge, please go to the appropriate state’s website to pay the toll online. Most sites allow seven days to pay before the bill will be sent to the rental agency.

Are one-way rentals allowed with Enterprise?

Enterprise Rent-A-Car will do one-way rentals based on availability. There is an additional cost for this service, which varies by location.

What if I need to make multiple reservations for different drivers?

Only one reservation can be made at a time in Concur; however, the clone functionality can be used to reduce reservation time. Travel arrangers are able to make reservations in Concur under the renter/driver’s name. Each car rental reservation must be in the driver’s name as the contract provided insurance coverages apply to the renter/driver whose name is on the reservation. Additional authorized drivers can be added at the rental counter at the time of vehicle pick-up.  Alternatively, a  travel agent can assist in making multiple reservations, a separate reservation for each driver.

What if I have an accident while driving an Enterprise vehicle?

You must call the phone number on the Enterprise rental agreement. If the accident involves another car or property, you must call the police and obtain a police report.  If the accident happens after business hours, you should contact the roadside assistance number located on the back of the rental contract. Please report this to both Enterprise and to your institution’s Risk Management Officer within 24 hours of the accident; this complies with the terms of the rental agreement.

What if my Enterprise car has service problems or breaks down?

If service problems arise during normal business hours, you can call the local Enterprise branch or you can call Roadside Assistance at 800-307-6666. Please keep in mind, Roadside Assistance charges will vary depending on the situation. Most preventable issues such as running out of gasoline or locking keys in the vehicle will result in a service fee assessed to the rental by Enterprise Rent-A-Car.             

How do I obtain a receipt, post rental?

Receipts can be accessed on-line 48 hours after the rental is returned.  Go to www.enterprise.com, click on “Business Rentals”, then “Print A Receipt”.  A driver’s license number is needed to access the receipt. If you have any issues accessing a receipt online, please contact the renting location directly.

How should taxes be handled on my rental?

The UW System is tax exempt for all Wisconsin originating rentals. All taxes should be removed at the time of rental pick up. Please check your rental receipt before submitting for reimbursement. If taxes are not removed, please contact the branch to have an adjustment made and to obtain a new receipt.

Who do I contact if I have a question with an Enterprise rental or booking?

  • Enterprise Customer Service: 800-264-6350
  • Enterprise General Reservations: 800-RENT-A-CAR.

If you are contacting your local Enterprise branch for questions, please be advised that you must press extension 4 to be connected directly to the branch.

Is Emerald Club available at Enterprise?

Yes, Emerald Club Profiles work at Enterprise Rent-A-Car.  Although Enterprise Rent-A-Car does not offer the Emerald Aisle Counter Bypass Program, using your Emerald Club Profile at Enterprise Rent-A-Car will speed up your rental process by allowing the use of a tablet to complete the transaction and allow you access to your “members only” lines at major airports. Don’t forget to update your Concur profile with your Emerald Club number for both Enterprise and National brands.

What are the benefits of using my Emerald Club membership at Enterprise?

You will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Faster  Rentals – use of tablet technology for all members
  • Special Members Only Line at Major Airport Locations


Am I able to earn rental car credits at Enterprise?

Yes, you can earn rental car credits at both Enterprise and National. At this time, they may only be redeemed at the National brand.


Can I use the contract discount for personal rentals?

Personal use may be added in conjunction with a business trip, either at the beginning of the end of your reservation. When reserving for strictly Non-Business/Personal use, use the Big10 Non-Business Use Booking Portal. Please note additional coverage such as CDW or LDW are no longer included when reserving a strictly personal rental. These coverage can be added for additional fees. Students and other youthful drivers may not rent for personal use.

Why do my rates seem to change based on markets? 

Rates are set with a flat base rate. These rates are set across the U.S. and will not change in response to supply and demand or competitive pressure.  This does not mean that the University will receive the same exact rate in every market. In certain markets, there are city differentials which will affect the overall rate in the market you are renting. These differentials are to cover the higher cost of doing business in certain locations: higher employee costs, higher rent, higher taxes, etc. Rental Car Companies charge a city differential fee to cover these regional cost differences while still maintaining lower rates in other parts of the country. As part of your agreement, for UW Systems’ top markets, many of these differentials have either been waived or reduced to accommodate your travel patterns. Airport Concession Fees are a separate charge not covered under the Contract Agreement.

Why are our negotiated rates occasionally different from what I find on other internet sites?

UW System has a Fixed Rate Program. These university rates are set to include services and fees that are not waived when renting retail/via the internet. Some of the services extended in the rate are: no blackout dates, no additional driver fees, no youthful driver surcharge for students (18 -24) renting for UW sponsored purposes, fuel replacement no greater than 50% above market average, no energy recoupment surcharges, insurance coverage preferences, no cancellation/extension/change/no-show fees. In addition, at airports, our university contracted customers receive an expedited service as well as the last car available in a sold out situation. The set rate program will also ensure a lower nationwide pricing structure for rentals in all of the following instances: same day or short notice travel, coincides with a holiday, special event in an area or a diminished supply of vehicles which increases the retail rates.

Taking all these factors in consideration, UW Systems’ set rates, terms and conditions are the most comprehensive for an overall 12 month cost savings program.

Are 12 and 15 passenger vans available?

Yes, however all University of Wisconsin eligible renters of 12/15 passenger vans must be van driver training certified and authorized to drive for UW purpose by University Risk Management.  Rental of 12/15 passenger vans are prohibited by some UW institutions and other restrictions may apply.  Additionally, these vehicle classes are considered specialty and are not available within Concur or with agents –  they must be rented directly from the branch and are based on availability.

All renters of 12/15 passenger vans must provide proof of training certification at rental pick-up. For questions on ability to rent 12/15 passenger vans, please contact your institution’s Travel Office directly. 

What form of payment is accepted?

University issued cards and personal cards when allowed by your UW institution. Debit cards may also be accepted. Please contact the rental branch in advance for specific debit card criteria.  There are no direct bill options for rental vehicles.

For employees or departments with further questions, please contact your institution’s Travel Office