Effective July 1, these changes to the existing travel policies have been approved:


  • Lodging Policy now allows for usage of Airbnb, and full prepayment on lodging. Third Party Bookings are still restricted (such as Expedia and Orbitz).
    • VRBO and Home Away are also not allowed.
  • Reimbursement for Real IDs is not an allowable expense.
  • Vehicle Rental Policy now allows up to “mid-size SUV” to be rented without further explanation.
  • Employees must resubmit and return expense report within 90 days.
    • Any expenses that fall outside the 90 day rules will be considered taxable income. This rule applies if employees do not submit or resubmit after 90 days.
  • Day trip meal allowance continues to be at $15/day, however if meal is provided, employees are now still eligible to claim the day trip allowance (to account for many travelers who have more than one meal during a “day trip” scenario).


The Travel Policy Committee is updating the Travel Policy for release in 2021.